Vision Tree Poster 39" x 26"

Have rich discussions about growth and learning

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Have rich discussions about growth and learning!

To facilitate a dynamite discussion about growth or learning, structure the conversation around the metaphor of a tree. You can explore everything from Roots to Fruits - the basic values or roots that stabilize you, processes that support growth, nourishment or inputs needed for growth, the bugs or challenges that hamper your efforts.

Vision Tree consists of a large 39 x 26" coated poster and a whole bunch of themed sticky notes. Just hang it up on any wall, using the adhesive tabs (included). It's an incredibly versatile metaphor and facilitation tool that you can adapt to your needs-applying it to your organization, a project, a learning event and more.

If you're short on time or want to use Vision Tree for a quick wrap-up, you can give participants all 5 sticky pads and ask them to jot down their thoughts for each, then place them on the poster. You will quickly be able to sort the sticky notes thematically, and gain a sense of the group's thoughts and focus your conversation on the most important points.

Our recommendation is that you give yourself a bit more time, however. Plan on a couple of hours, so you can take your time with the facilitation:

  1. First, be explicit about WHAT you're discussing - your organization, a project, a learning event, etc. Then…
  2. To build common understand, start with the ROOTS. Ask participants to jot down the values, beliefs, and norms that create their foundation. Post these notes onto the poster and sort them by theme.
  3. Next, turn your attention to the TRUNK. Ask what the mission, purpose, and processes are that can strengthen and support growth. Participants should jot their notes on the appropriate sticky note and then place them on the poster for discussion.
  4. Identify the APPLES. These represent the goals, opportunities, and/or outcomes that you hope to achieve. Again sort these thematically and discuss the ones that seem most important to the group.
  5. The next challenge is to figure out how you make those apples blossom. Use the WATERING CAN to stimulate discussion about the nourishment and inputs needed for growth. Again, invite the group to capture their thoughts on the notes, then post them.
  6. Finally, use the BUGS to foster thinking and discussion about the challenges and obstacles that might thwart your efforts. Discuss how you will overcome those, in order to harvest your fruit.

The poster has a dry-erase surface in case you need to add in your own language. Feel free to write on the poster with a dry-erase marker to customize it or draw out key points. You can also have some fun and embellish the metaphor, drawing out lessons pertaining to the branches, leaves, sun, etc.

Vision Tree consists of a large 39 x 26" poster plus a set of 20 sticky notepads (4 each of 5 styles) are included, on which participants can write:

  • Roots: values, beliefs, and norms
  • Trunk: mission, purpose and process that support growth
  • Watering Can: nourishment needed for growth
  • Bugs: challenges and obstacles to be managed
  • Apples: goals, opportunities, and outcomes

Adhesive squares included with poster.
Extra sticky notes can be purchased separately (#GAGFRVX).

Vision Tree Poster 39" x 26"

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