Really BIG Tangrams

Make a BIG impact on your team's communication and problem-solving skills!

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Get ready to have fun with Really Big Tangrams! Set up your conference table for an interactive learning experience using this huge version of the classic Chinese dissection puzzle.

Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle--a.k.a. the Seven Tricky Pieces--a small square, a rhomboid, and five triangles of three sizes that are all cut from the same larger square. These pieces can be arranged to form a wide variety of shapes.

Really Big Tangrams are perfect for group activities as a teambuiliding or problem-solving exercise. Let everyone work together to exercise creative strategies for practical problems. The included guide will get you started with three different levels of difficulty. Challenge your team to communicate directions using only spoken directions.

Includes 7 jumbo shapes printed on durable, weather-resistant material. When configured in a square, measures 24" x 24". Also includes giant card showing various puzzle challenges for groups to complete.

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