Facilitator Notes for Building the Tower Silently

Build communication and teambuilding skills with this exercise: Building the Tower Silently

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Challenge teams to create the unimaginable with the old stand-by: Building Blocks. They're not just for children anymore! Trainers have been using them for years to engage groups in teambuilding exercises, icebreakers, management challenges and communication simulations.

Building the Tower Silently is a thorough group exercise that requires teams to create a structure of building blocks using only non-verbal communication. These facilitator notes help the facilitator reach the goal of the exercise, which is to explore nonverbal communication, stretch critical thinking and perceptual skills, and challenge a group's ability to work together to complete a task.

This is also an excellent activity to build group/team morale.

Each group has 4-5 members who are given the task to build a "tower" with interlocking blocks. Every round, the group must build a different tower according to a different set of requirements. But the task is more difficult than it seems: no talking is allowed. Instead, participants must depend on their nonverbal skills to communicate increasingly complicated specifications to the other members. This simulation is a guaranteed fun activity that will definitely challenge the mind!

NOTE: Facilitator Notes Only - blocks not included. See product #GATLEBP to purchase building blocks

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    Great exercise - loved it!

    This is a well-constructed exercise to use with Duplo blocks and is fantastic for getting people to break the ice or generate a shared fun experience. I have used this exercise several times, and it has never failed to make groups break into spontaneous laughter.