Puffer Critters

Roly-poly, squeezable fun for your kinesthetic learners

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This stretchy and tactile stress reliever is fun to fidget with, or toss and catch.

Approximately 2.5" diameter, air-filled, soft stretchy rubber.

This item comes in assorted styles/colors (dog, duck, frog, and pig), randomly packed.

The benefits of using balls in the classroom are almost as numerous as the ways we can use them:

  • Create a relaxed playful mindset.
  • Engage the whole brain -- discussions are left-brained. Toys tap into the creative right side.
  • Versatility -- they can be used for stress relief, games, team selection, and reinforcement.
  • Encourage participation -- people can't keep their hands off them!

Read more and download for your own use! (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view file.)

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  • 5
    I am giving these Puffy Critters to kids I work with that have significant anxiety issues. They love them!

    See above

  • 5
    Fidget choices

    I chose to buy Christmas gifts for a 10 year old autistic boy. I don't know him but I heard that he likes his rubberized "fidgets". I went on line to learn more. I bought several items hoping that I could offer something different than what he can buy at the local Walmart. He hasn't yet rec'd them but I was impressed with the variety of fidgets on this site. I chose Puffer Balls, Bead Ball, Tangle Relax, Snap and Fiddle, What' Zit. I imagine that he can find his favorites (and his younger siblings may get the others).

  • 3
    Deflated Critter

    I have a selection of materials for those students who need to keep their hands busy. After a year it lost the color of the facial features and it is kind of deflated.