Mini Metal Spring Fiddle

A great stress reliever and fidget toy for your kinesthetic learners!

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Just like a mini metal Slinky, this fidget toy is a great stress reliever and fidget toy for your kinesthetic learners. Stretches to 4 feet long and returns to its original shape. Size: 1" Diameter. This is a very satisfying and QUIET fiddle! Slip it on a finger and fidget with this tiny spring.

Assorted Colors, packed randomly.

Fidget toys are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.


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    I love it and play with it all the time.

    All the managers seemed to like the item when it was given out.

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    Great product for us

    We use the fiddles to describe how the nervous system works in relation to the service we provide as a nonprofit. The visual is great, and people love that there is a small version they can take with them to reinforce the idea!

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    Good fiddler

    Good stress-relief fiddler - slinkies are great!

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    Use as a visual Aid

    I use these as a visual aid for organisational development and continuous improvement. i.e. it is not static and stiff there is movement. I leave them around the training room and when people pick them up and play with them I add 'and people want to engage with your organisation' -so be flexible

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    Keep your participants engaged!

    I have handed out over 50 of these to associates in our company. Our entire leadership team has them. People bring them to meetings, brain storming sessions and use them every day! They keep people engaged and attentive in even the longest meetings.

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    These are so popular!

    I use these as fiddlers for learners during workshops. These small toys deliver alot of enjoyment yet take up little space for storage.

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    The power of the slinky

    I have given out 25 of these. It truly is the power of the slinky. When I take it to meetings to fiddle with, people comment on it and I give them mine. It has made us happier and everyone now has one on their desk to fiddle with while on the phone or while concentrating. We are learning that it's ok to have fun at work.

  • 3
    They are mini

    Recently purchased these products for students that come to our trainings, but they are very hard to play with unless you have super small hands

  • 5

    I bought this for work for something to do with my hands for destressing. Like your other products it is great and my coworkers love it too. I leave the other items in my locker so that my coworker may use them. BUT this one is carried with me all the time.