Standard Koosh Ball, Medium, 3 inch

Use Koosh to fiddle, learn and remember!

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Signal that "play" is an essential part of "learn"

The ultimate stress reliever and fun achiever! Trainers love to use Koosh for icebreakers, reinforcement games, and they also make great fidget toys. You can never have too many Koosh balls. The rubbery strands feel good and are easy to catch!

Standard (Medium) Koosh balls are the size of an orange. 3"

This item comes in assorted colors and is packaged randomly. Actual color received may vary from what is shown.

NOTE: KOOSH is no longer a registered trademark and is no longer made by a single manufacturer. Trainers Warehouse has located a new manufacturer that we feel makes a high quality product, most similar to the Original Koosh Balls. You will not find a Koosh-branded label on the product you receive.

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    Yes, would purchase again.

    I purchased this product for colleague. Responses are based on her response.

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    Great table top toy for training!

    I have used Koosh balls for over 30 years in my adult classes. They are terrific fidgets and help alleviate stress when participants need to make presentations.

  • 5
    Absolutely love them. Great buy and would not hesistate to o

    I'm open to using them for face to face training. I find that they are more engaged with there are Koosk balls.

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    A "Must Have" in the change agents bag

    Kinesthetic learning

  • 5
    Koosh balls

    Classroom tribes

  • 5
    Great Fidget!

    Great fidget that holds up to time and use!

  • 5
    This isn't an add, haha

    Ok, this is totally going to sound fake, or like an ad, but my uncle (Scott Stilinger) and my father (Mark Button) invented this together long before I was born, and I have been raised using them, but when I was little I had a defect that affected my hand-eye coordination and I actually managed to work through that by simply playing with this with my brother and sister. They are also great for studying with my friends, this sounds really dumb, but we all get one koosh ball, and we start with somebody asking a question, and whoever hits the person that asked with their koosh ball first gets to answer, if they get it right, they get to ask the next question, it keeps things insanely fun, and all of us into the game. If recommend this to anyone even though my family sold the company before I was born.

  • 5
    So versatile

    I love these things! They are great for the tactile learners in my class, but I can also use them for activities. Great product! And they hold up well.

  • 4
    Who doesn't love a Koosh?

    a great addition to our newly formed "fidget kits" for multi-day meetings.