Wheel of Happiness Note Pads (5/set)

Quickly illuminate which factors are key to happiness (at or away from work)

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Help your groups create happy successful and balanced lives. The Wheel of Happiness Note Pads are an easy-to-facilitate assessment that quickly illuminates which factors are key to happiness (at or away from work) and provides a worksheet for each individual to gauge where they see room for improvement.

Coaches may be familiar with using "wheel tools" to help their groups create happy, successful, and balanced lives and The Wheel of Happiness is adapted for the workplace from a popular self- assessment tool to assess your happiness or satisfaction at work.

The Wheel of Happiness is flexible on purpose. Managers at work may want to explore different dimensions of happiness than a life coach might. Talking about romance and health within the context of work may simply be inappropriate and unrelated to happiness and engagement at work. Thus, no matter which keys may drive the Wheel of Happiness, most important is balance and the ability to use the tool as a vehicle for understanding, discussion and improvement.

The Wheel of Happiness Pad Set contains 25 sheets/pad and 5 pads/set. Each sheet is approx. 6" x 6".


** TIPS **

ASSIGN THE CATEGORIES: The Wheel of Happiness consists of an 8-piece pie chart, which represent different categories that are of importance to people. You can choose 8 of the 12 categories we have suggested (or of course add your own) to start the assessment:

  1. Communication
  2. Workplace Culture
  3. Flexibility
  4. Compensation
  5. Appreciation
  6. Purposeful work
  7. Fun
  8. Working Relationships
  9. Connection to Mission 
  10. Growth and Learning
  11. Clarity of Goals
  12. Autonomy

EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS:   Every slice of the pie represents a category. Assign a value of 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good) indicating your level of satisfaction for each category. The value of 1 is closest to the center of the circle and the value 10 is at the edge of the circle. After filling it in, you'll be able see at a glance what categories score highly and where you will want improvements. Every part influences one's individual life. By completing the wheel in all honesty and correcting it if needed, you find out what is going right and which parts may need more attention. The more extreme the number, the more improvement that category could use.


Step 1 - Assess

Write the categories into the headings that you want to assess. Then fill in the score to  provide an overview of your sense of contentment in the various categories. It's important to take your time, and not to fill in the scores too quickly or allow yourself to get distracted.

    • Scores ranging from 8 to 10 show that you are very satisfied in a specific category. It is important to ensure that this is maintained, but that improvement in this area is always possible.
    • Scores ranging from 5 to 7, show that you are reasonably satisfied with a category, but there is definitely a chance for improvement and to achieve goals.
    • Scores ranging from 1 to 4 show that you are not happy at all about this particular area and you have to find ways to improve your satisfaction here.

Step 2 - Reflect

After filling in all of the scores, you can reflect on each category and get an accurate view of your balance in life and the way in which you react to setbacks. Regardless of the current rating, all scores provide plenty of opportunities. Ask the following questions:

    • Why did you give yourself such a low score on this category?
    • What is the ideal score for each category?
    • What score do you want to achieve over time?
    • Which categories are of most importance to be able to achieve balance?

The completed Wheel of Happiness is an individual starting point and can be balance or un-balanced in appearance. It says something about how efficient and effective someone is in life. Of course, it is easy to be extremely satisfied with one category, but what else should happen to the other categories? By looking at all aspects and ensuring that they are all connected, the balance can be found in life. The key is to find the balance and that is exactly what the Wheel of Life is about. It allows people to see what they are currently living in, forcing them to think ahead and find limits, which makes the wheel expand and grow.

Step 3 - Take Action

On the basis of the earlier steps, the Wheel of Happiness can be put into motion by setting action items for yourself. The visual image of the filled in wheel can directly indicate where the necessary steps need to be taken. You can ask yourself which specific actions are needed to improve a category.