The Employee Engagement Mindset

The Six Drivers for Tapping into the Hidden Potential of Everyone in Your Company

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The Employee Engagement Mindset examines the "Six Drivers for Tapping into the Hidden Potential of Everyone in Your Company."

When it comes to employee engagement, Timothy R. Clark goes where no one has gone before. One of today's leading experts on the subject, Clark reveals that the business world has been focusing on only half the question -- namely, the organization's role in driving employee engagement. Clark points to the other interested party -- the employee.

Through extensive research, the author has discovered that approximately 75 percent of employees are not fully engaged with their work -- a frighteningly high number with frighteningly dire consequences for both companies and individual employees. The Employee Engagement Mindset is a step-by-step guide to reversing this pattern, one employee at a time. Clark breaks it all down into six key behaviors:

  • Connecting: Form solid relationships with coworkers and align your behavior to the organization's culture and goals
  • Shaping: Seize opportunities for tailoring experiences based on your personal preferences
  • Learning: Take proactive measures to learn at or above the speed of change
  • Stretching: Move out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks
  • Achieving: Accomplish your goals
  • Contributing: Make personal contributions that drive lasting positive change to others and to the company

The Employee Engagement Mindset provides practical advice on how any employee can put him or herself on the fast track to true engagement using this six-part model. With high levels of engagement come organizational success and improvements in employees' professional and personal lives. Employees who take ownership and pride in their work get results with energy, passion, and purpose. They stay in their jobs longer, innovate faster, and execute better.

Simply put, every engaged employee is worth his or her weight in gold. Whether you're in charge of driving employee engagement or feel the need to take personal responsibility for excelling at work, The Employee Engagement Mindset tells you everything you need to know.


About the Author

Timothy R. Clark is founder and CEO of TRClark, a consultancy that provides advisory services in strategy, large-scale change, employee engagement, and executive development. He is the author of Epic Change: How to Lead Change in the Global Age and The Leadership Test: Will You Pass? His clients include Accenture, Broadcom, Disney, Dow Chemical, Honeywell, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, NASA, Stanford University, and Wells Fargo Bank. Clark earned a doctorate from Oxford University.


Published 2012. Hardcover, 258 pages

Table of Contents:

  1. Who Owns Your Engagement?
  2. Connect: Plug into the Power!
  3. Shape: Make It Your Own!
  4. Learn: Move at the Speed of Change!
  5. Stretch: Go to Your Outer Limits!
  6. Contribute: Get Beyond Yourself!
  7. Conclusion: Make It a Way of Life!