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Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put effort into their work. Organizations with high employee engagement had a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings per share. In contrast, companies with poor employee engagement scores had declining operating incomes and an 11% drop in earnings per share.”

  • Learning Mo-Mints by Trainers Warehouse

    Learning Mo-Mints

    Savor Learning with Learning MoMINTS. Use these mighty mints to punctuate memorable moments. Keep your group alert with Refresh-Mints! Each tin of mints offers a flavorful mix of humor and encouragement. Each tin measures 2.5" x 2".   


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  • Kudos Card Set (70/set)

    Let your students, team, or co-workers know they're appreciated for the efforts they make and the risks they take to learn and grow. With our 70-piece collection of Kudos Cards, you can now distribute these happy-looking notes to anyone who demonstrates...


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  • Kartoon Kudos Set (70/set)

    Let your students, team, or co-workers know they're appreciated for the efforts they make and the risks they take to learn and grow. This 70-piece collection of Kartoon Kudos Cards is a fun way to acknowledge your superheroes. Distribute these comic...


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  • Every 20 Minutes

    Every 20 Minutes Presentation Break Software

    Don't let their brains get weary! Brain researchers tell us that frequent mental breaks improve our ability to remember. Ideal breaks should... Be off-topic Get your right and left brain communicating Help the blood circulate Relax the body Make you...


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  • We Connect Cards; sample cards

    We Connect Cards

    We Connect Cards are good For: Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Icebreakers, Organizations with hierarchies, Fighting turnover, Conferences and events. 3 COLOR-CODED QUESTION CARDS:  A deck of 60 cards that spark conversation, and...


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  • Get Happy at Work Thumball

    Get Happy at Work Thumball

    Look under your thumb, share, and get happy at work! The Get Happy at Work Thumball discussion prompts help create a more positive workplace by allowing colleagues to share goals, discuss challenges, and build relationships. Focusing on Positive Emotion,...


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  • Compli-Mints


    These Invigorating mints celebrate the recipient! A great way to say, “Nice Job,” “Well Done,” or “You Rock!” Positive reinforcement, plus the tasty mints, is sure to inspire continued performance. Compli-MINTS will...


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  • Kudos Mints

    Kudos Mints

    These powerful Kudos mints are a playful way to say "good job!"They offer a flavorful mix of humor and encouragement.Each tin measures 2.5" x 2". Available in other styles, including: Learning MoMINTS and ACHIEVE-Mints.


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  • Kudos Tokens; front and back

    Kudos Tokens (10/set)

    Don't reserve praise for only your top performers. Motivate your strivers to keep up the good work and keep growing. Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Encourage sharing appreciation of others with these unique tokens. Token...


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  • Smile Tokens; front and back

    Smile Tokens (10/set)

    A great giveaway for all your customer service reps! Everyone feels better when smiles go 'round. A tense interaction eases up, a customer relaxes, and you feel better about the work you do. Encourage keeping a positive outlook with these unique tokens...


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