Conversation Starters

Use our conversation starter games, photos, and conversation prompts to get discussions started. Images are a rich resource to promote creativity and engagement, break the ice, debrief experiences, reinforce learning, and talk about important topics. Conversation starter cards and questions help teachers and trainers build relationships among participants, foster trust, and make it easier to discuss difficult topics. Conducting rich, meaningful conversations is easy if you have the right tools at your fingertips. Rely on these resources to connect with your group and help them build connections with each other.

  • Toolbox Talks UNZiP-it! set

    UNZIP-it! with Toolbox Talks (Safety) Conversation Card Deck


  • Diversity Conversation Deck

    Diversity Conversation Deck


  • Climer Cards 2 - box

    Climer Cards 2


  • Images of Organizations; sample cards

    Images of Organizations


  • 52 Essentials Card Deck for EQ

    52 Essentials for EQ


  • Emotional Intelligence Conversation Deck

    Emotional Intelligence Conversation Deck


  • Getting Aquainted Unzip-It! Set

    Getting Aquainted Unzip-It! Set


  • UNZiP-it! with Onward & Upward Card Deck, set

    UNZIP-it! - Change Management (Onward & Upward)


  • Common Ground Conversion Deck

    Common Ground Conversation Deck


  • UNZIP It Pocket  - Front

    UNZIP It Pocket Only


  • Time Management Thumball

    Time Management Thumball


  • UNZiP-it! with Meeting Zest Card set

    UNZIP-it! with Meeting Zest Deck




Fostering healthy relationships goes a long way in boosting morale and improving retention. Depend on our conversation starter games to get people talking, laughing, and bonding. Pass, roll, or toss our Silver Series Thumballs to break the ice and get participants engaged in a variety of important topics. Use the Conversation Decks and UNZIP-it! Pockets to make discussions genuinely fun, casual, and relaxed. Even make remote meetings more personal and memorable with our Virtual/Online Tools. There are so many ways to build meaningful, lasting relationships with our products, so shop around to find the perfect conversation starter cards and games for your organization or event.


After conversation starter games have been utilized to maximize the effectiveness of your training, show your appreciation with Tokens of Appreciation, Kudos, or award and recognition items, like pins and trophies. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way to improve retention and entice participants to follow-up learning events. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We make it easy to order (and return) innovative, effective, and fun training solutions in bulk.