Roll, toss, or pass around our icebreaker ball to break the ice, dive into deep conversation, or simply start talking!  Each conversation ball is loaded with 32 prompts to get the conversation rolling and foster discussion about topics meaningful to your group. Decide which Trainers Warehouse Thumball is right for you!  Besides being a blast for participants, these conversation starters can work wonders in improving retention. After all, close work friendships can boost employee satisfaction 50% (Gallup - State of the American Workplace)  

Explore the THUMBALLS INFOGRAAPHIC  or  Read Tips on CHOOSING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS to Start a Conversation 

  • Meeting Zest Thumball-thumbnail

    Meeting Zest Thumball


  • End of Day Review Thumball

    End of Day Review Thumball


  • Big Clear Tote Bag

    Big Clear Tote Bag


  • Workplace Ethics Thumball

    Workplace Ethics Thumball


  • Body Part Debrief Thumball

    Body Part Debrief Thumball


  • Thumball Carabiner

    Thumball Carabiner




Keep it casual or go deep—we have an icebreaker ball for every occasion. All the work is done for you, and the content of each ball has been thoroughly vetted by content experts. If you don’t want to toss a ball, we have plenty of other conversation starters available. Our UNZIP-IT! Pockets, Online Activities, and Conversation Decks deliver the same fantastic content in different formats. We also offer a Visual Explorer Kit that uses powerful photo metaphors to stimulate discussion.


Order a full set of conversation balls with confidence, knowing your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not completely delighted with any of our tools, we’ll be happy to provide a refund, exchange, or credit. Our icebreaker ball selection is just one example of the unique items we carry. Trainers Warehouse is like a candy store for trainers and educators, so shop around to find innovative, effective, and fun tools that energize and engage your team. Buy a set of Thumballs for team building or getting acquainted.