Big Book of Virtual Team Building Games

Effective online activities to build communication, trust, and collaborationn

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Quick, Effective Activities to Build Communication, Trust, and Collaboration from Anywhere!

With the Big Book of Virtual Team Building Games, get remote team members to interact as if they're in the same room!

Whether you're videoconferencing with team members across the world or e-mailing a colleague sitting ten feet away, the truth is evident: technology has permanently altered the way we communicate. The virtual workplace can facilitate quicker decision making and reduced overhead. But the lack of face-to-face interaction can also impede trust, innovation, and creativity among team members.

The Big Book of Virtual Team-Building Games is packed with games and activities for developing productive virtual teams across all digital platforms, including e-mail, mobile devices, web-based conferencing tools, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

The Big Book of Virtual Team-Building Games helps you:

  • Build a greater sense of community and reduce conflict
  • Increase levels of engagement
  • Get the most out of more-introverted team members
  • Boost team members' productivity
  • Make sure that the only thing separating your people is distance.

This collection is just the tool you need to develop trusting relationships, foster clear communication, and use technology to enhance the team's connections.

published 2012;
Paperback, 236 pages

Authors: Mary Scannell, Michael Abrams, Mike Mulvihill