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Good communication is key to effective teamwork. Practice communication techniques, active listening, and team problems solving with an array of teambuilding games, exercises, activities, and experiences,

  • UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts

    UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts

    Energize a Webinar, Remote Learning Session, or Online Meeting with UNZiP-it! Remote. Even if you aren't face to face, make it fun to pick a question and get conversations rolling. Read the poem and pick a question:   Feeling shy about speaking...


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  • Helium Stick & Facilitation Notes

    Helium Stick

    A simple, powerful and QUICK team experience! This deceptively simple game is easy to facilitate and gives your group a common experience through which to discuss issues of teamwork and leadership. The "stick" is actually a series of corded tent poles...


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  • Pipeline Challenge by Trainers Warehouse

    Pipeline Challenge

    Transform groups into well-functioning teams with a Pipeline Challenge! For this energizing experience, give each participant one short length of half pipe and challenge the group to deliver a ball down the pipes from the starting point to the finish...


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  • Murder Mystery Deck v3

    Murder Mystery Deck v3

    Improve communications skills with the Murder Mystery Deck v3 Use this popular 30-minute Murder Mystery game to improve communication skills, team building, problem solving, leadership, and more. Simply distribute the 27 clues among the participants. By...


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  • Murder Mystery v.3 Online

    Murder Mystery v.3 Online

    Murder Mystery Deck v3 has been adapted for Remote use! Use this popular 30-minute Murder Mystery game to improve communication skills, team building, problem solving, leadership, and more.  Working remotely?  Send one or more clues to each participant...


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  • Toobeez

    Toobeez 57-Piece Teambuilding Kit

    Toobeez is a giant construction kit that has limitless possibilities as a hands-on team building tool. Challenge competing teams to exercise creative problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills. Build your own team-building exercise or find...


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  • Minefield Maze Game

    Blindfold Maze Game

    The goal of this lively, playful game is to get as many of your team's blindfolded players through the minefield as quickly as possible, without stepping on any of the booby traps. Success requires excellent communication, trust, leadership and team...


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  • Really BIG Tangrams

    Really BIG Tangrams

    Get ready to have fun with Really Big Tangrams! Set up your conference table for an interactive learning experience using this huge version of the classic Chinese dissection puzzle. Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle--a.k.a. the Seven Tricky Pieces--a...


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  • River Crossing

    River Crossing

    Reach toward shared goals! "You have managed to guide your group through a treacherous swamp and have one last fast-moving river to cross... You just heard something in the swamp behind you -- you had better get across the river FAST!" River Crossing...


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  • Stacking Blocks Set

    Stacking Blocks Set

    Bring your teams together with this fun and creative team building challenge Set of 140 plastic stacking blocks in bright colors that can be snapped into each other to form structures. Beautifully packaged in a clear plastic bag for great display, easy...


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  • Colourblind Communication & Team-building Kit

    Colourblind Communication & Team-building Kit

    COLOURBLIND® was developed in 1991 for training Air Traffic Controllers in Great Britain -- where team communication is fundamental to success and where absolutely no margin for error, misunderstanding or ambiguity can be tolerated. Since then,...


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  • Square Wheels Online

    Square Wheels Online

    For over a dozen years, the Square Wheels® metaphor has proven itself to boost creativity and innovation, increase organizational effectiveness, improve communications, build teams, and generate a sense of active problem solving and involvement. The...


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