Me First v.3 Wireless Game Buzzers - 12-user set + facilitator

Make competitive games fun for players & facilitators!

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We're confident that this buzzer system will be the key to unlocking your group's energy, generating excitement and adding “game show spirit” to your question and answer activities.


Involve EVERY player with this dynamite audience participation tool.

Give everyone a chance to answer your toughest questions with a Me First Personal Answer Dome (P.A.D.) at every seat. Participants will compete to answer your questions and win points. The facilitator remote lets you choose whether to block out players who have already buzzed in or reset the system so that everyone can answer.

These wireless light-up P.A.D.s will bring light, laughter and learning to any workshop!

This 13-piece starter kit includes:

  • 12 player P.A.D.s (batteries included), 3" diam.
  • 1 facilitator control unit (batteries included)


  • See who rang in first within .001 seconds
  • Choose to block out previous responders or invite everyone to ring in
  • RIGHT or WRONG buzzer sounds on the Facilitator remote
  • Pairing Memory enables multiple Facilitator Control Units (placed at least 10 feet apart) to play games concurrently.
  • Track which buzzer had the most right (or wrong) answers
  • Indicate if participant answered correctly. Lights flash on player's P.A.D. when you press “right” or “wrong” on the facilitator remote
  • Press and hold RIGHT to see who has the most correct answers
  • Press and hold WRONG to see who has the most incorrect answers
  • USB port enables integration with game show software
  • New Snap in battery door


  • 2.4 ghz wireless frequency
  • Total weight: less than 4 pounds.
  • RF range is 80 feet

Easy to Play!

  1. Ask your question.
  2. Students “buzz in” with their answers by pressing on the dome of their P.A.D.
  3. As soon as someone buzzes in, the Facilitator Unit will light up GREEN. The participant to buzz in first will see their P.A.D. turn GREEN, signaling that he or she has the “go-ahead” to answer the question; all other participant P.A.D.s will light up RED until the CONTINUE or RESET button is pressed.
  4. OPTIONAL: Indicate Right or Wrong Answer: If a player's answer is wrong, the Facilitator can press the red “WRONG” button, to sound a BZZZ; If answer is correct: the Facilitator can press the green “RIGHT” button, for a BING-BING sound. That player's P.A.D. will also flash to indicate they answered correctly. Be aware, the Me First Buzzer System will track this data for the duration of the game.
  5. CHOOSE CONTINUE OR RESET: By pressing CONTINUE, the Facilitator will “lock out” the P.A.D.(s) that had been green, and turn it RED. All other P.A.D.s will light up YELLOW, signifying that those remaining players may again attempt to buzz-in. Facilitators can keep pressing CONTINUE after subsequent questions until all players have had a chance to answer.

At any time, facilitators can press RESET to turn all Participant P.A.D.s back to YELLOW and enable everyone to buzz-in.

Click here for complete easy to use operating instructions

Incredibly Flexible Options

  • Expand the system up to 36 users! Additional P.A.D.s #GAMFBP sold individually.
  • If you want to have two games going at once, an extra Facilitator unit will come in handy! This will allow you to run two games simultaneously, with each Facilitator unit connected to multiple player P.A.D.s. # GAMFBF
  • Or order a Small Group 4-user set #GAMFB4.
  • Make sure you always have extra batteries on hand #BAT3A Extra (sold in sets of 4 batteries, AAA).
  • Quantity discounts available.
View video of V2 Me First demo! (V3 coming soon)

See demo of RIGHT and WRONG buzzer feature on the facilitator remote!


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