Zig Zag Creativity Cards

Train Your Brain for Greater Creativity

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Train Your Brain for Greater Creativity!

The Zig Zag Creativity Card Deck contains 48 techniques and four games that are guaranteed to help you get through impasses, generate new ideas, and exercise your creative brain.

ORIGINS: The Zig Zag Creativity Cards are based on Dr. Sawyer's breakthrough creativity book, Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity. To develop these techniques, Sawyer explored the lives of exceptional creators, tapped into the back stories of world-changing innovations, and analyzed laboratory experiments that delved deeply into the everyday creativity that all of us share. He discovered many surprising secrets of highly creative people—how they question assumptions when presented with new problems, how they get beyond creative blocks, and above all, how they negotiate the many twists and turns along the way.

8-STEP PROGRAM: Zig Zag draws on these secrets to provide an eight-step program that will help you achieve greater creativity—whether you're looking for new ways to excel at your job, build a fulfilling career, develop a more deeply satisfying personal life, find fresh, clever, permanent solutions to nagging problems, make better decisions, bring about change in your community, and more.

THE CARD DECK:  The card deck contains 48 practical, hands-on techniques. These research-based techniques help you ask deeper questions, see the world in new ways, and develop novel ideas. Each of the 48 techniques is inspired by the latest scientific research on how people create. Follow this advice, and you won't have to wait for that mysterious moment of insight. You'll begin to create consistently and successfully.

The 48 cards are grouped into eight powerful, surprisingly simple steps.

  1. ASK: How to Ask the Right Questions
  2. LEARN: Prepare Your Mind
  3. LOOK: Spot the Answers Around You
  4. PLAY: Imagine Possible Worlds
  5. THINK: How to Have Great Ideas
  6. FUSE: How to Combine Ideas
  7. CHOOSE: Make Good Ideas Even Better
  8. MAKE: Make Your Ideas Visible

Dr. Keith Sawyer is one of the world's leading scientific experts on creativity, innovation, and learning. In his first job after graduating from MIT, he designed videogames for Atari. He then worked for 6 years as a management consultant in Boston and New York, advising large corporations on the strategic use of information technology. Dr. Sawyer is the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Zig Zag Creativity Cards

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