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Stunning photos coupled with thought-provoking quotes inspire conversation

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A Change in View Creates a World of Possibilities

View-Changer Cards consist of 53 stunning photos of nature, combined with thought-provoking questions on the back of the card to inspire reflection, conversation, intentions, meditation, and relaxation. Great team-building, facilitation, meditation, and personal growth tools!

The intent of these cards is to provide you with a tool that promotes reflection on what matters most to you, and inspires you to take action. Coaches use "powerful questions" to challenge us to think, which creates time and space for "ah-ha" moments that release energy to forward action. In our busy, task-oriented world, we often lack "time to think." These cards create a structure to encourage you to pause, and make sure you are living the life you want to live!

APPLICATIONS:  View-Changer Cards have tons of uses for meetings, team building and more. Tips and Suggestions on how to use these cards include:

Staff Meetings

Need a break from your agenda? Although we may think we know a lot about our co-workers, there is a way to explore further. This revelatory exercise can improve relationships by engendering appreciation, empathy, and respect for others. Tips for making this a productive meeting:

    • Pass out cards an hour before the staff meeting so there is time to think about a response.
    • Have everyone choose a number between 1 and 52. Shuffle the deck, then count through the cards, allowing each person to take their "number."
    • You go first. Set an example by responding openly and thoughtfully.
    • Stress that responses may be work-related or personal.

Team Building

1. Place the cards, photo side up, on a table in the room and have each participant choose one photo that resonates with how they're feeling:

    • in the moment
    • about a certain situation e.g. an upcoming change;
    • to help tell a story of where they've been in their life and where they're heading (past and future)

2. To answer a question:   e.g., if there was one value by which you've tried to live your life, what might that value be?

Meditation, Intention, Conversation

When you first wake up, shuffle the deck and choose a card:

    • Reflect on either the picture or the question (or both) to set an intention for the day/week
    • Pair with your favorite relaxing music to stimulate your whole brain
    • Allow space for inspiration to emerge (allow yourself to let go of the outcome)
    • Carry the card with you or take a picture of the card with your phone and revisit throughout your day to keep your intention front of mind
    • Set a periodic alarm/ chime throughout the day to remind you to revisit your intention

Deck of 53 cards, 2.5" x 3.5" in plastic, see-through box.

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    Gorgeous and evocative cards

    I have used this with teams, to promote more in-depth reflection and discussion. It can be used with groups, or one-on-one coaching sessions. The quality is very good, and the original photographs are beautiful. My clients love this, and I have given this product as a gift to many of them for their own personal use.

  • 5
    Great way to start a thoughtful conversation

    These cards are beautiful and helpful all at the same time. You can use them to start conversations or deepen your own self understanding. The photographs are awe inspiring and the questions are very thought provoking. They would be great for coaches, team facilitators and individuals.

  • 5
    Superb Tool/Structure

    These cards open up many opportunities for provoking thought and creating conversation. The photos are beautiful and I love to go through to see where they take me. They are great gifts for the closure process of coaching

  • 5
    Used these with a client!

    Used these with a client who was in a stuck and wondering place. The cards gently and subtly moved this person to another way of thinking about the dilemma. The cards are a wonderful way to access the subconscious and help clients or teams "find out something" about their own thinking that they may not have known.