The Leadership Game

Learn how you, or others, can function better in the leader's role

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What is effective leadership exactly and what does it involve? Opinions on this issue are divided. The Leadership Game explore these important questions:

  • What is your vision of leadership and how do you put it into practice?
  • Does your style of leadership best suit the current situation?
  • What is your organization's vision of leadership?
  • What do your employees expect from you as a manager and a leader?

THE DECK:  The Leadership Game consists of two parts:

1. Aspects of leadership (75 cards). These aspects (leadership is .....) describe a mix of behaviour, attitude and values and comprise six themes. The definitions have been worded as seen from the manager's point of view. Each of the six themes has its own coloured line, shown on the front of the cards, to differentiate between them. The six themes are:

  • Managing values (e.g. treating everyone fairly).
  • Aims and results (e.g. bringing out the best in everyone).
  • Managing people (e.g. knowing what is of interest to your employees).
  • Managing (e.g. establishing procedures and have them implemented).
  • Decision-making (e.g. involving employees in what is to happen).
  • Self-management (e.g. adjusting your own behaviour).

2. Pictures (40 cards). This series of striking images and photographs can be used as a medium to discuss concepts of leadership.


The Leadership Game covers all the main aspects of leadership. Therefore, the game is suited for all kinds of managers, for a range of situations and alternative visions on leadership. You can, for example, use it for:

  • Coaching managers.
  • Appraisal interviews with managers.
  • Coaching employees who are having difficulties with the leadership styles of their manager.
  • Peer-group sessions involving managers to give each other feedback or for employees who are moving into management.
  • Discussing the expectations from employees about leadership in a team.

Rules for playing The Leadership Game 

Boxed game with 115 colored cards and instructions for six methods of play. (No separate Manual available.) Each card is laminated, approx. 4" x 2.5".

Authors: Peter Gerrickens and Marijke Verstege.