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Help your coaching clients or employees achieve transformational breakthroughs

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Your Coaching Business Success Is Built Upon Their Success.

You want to help your executive, personal, or organizational coaching clients achieve transformational breakthroughs. Q Cards are designed to help you prep before each coaching session and will help you, regardless of their experience level, prepare and customize your client's journey with the right questions to help them along the way. The Q Cards "Martini Method" is a proven system and framework to help you confidently guide your coachees through a session in a practical way that helps them gain clarity. It's referred to as the Martini Method beacuse the questions start specific, get broader and then end specific again just like 2 Martini glasses stacked on eachother. The difference between a good coach and a great coach is the amount of trust and openness you achieve with your clients. Q Cards help foster that authentic connection.

    • Ask Deeper Questions To Get Better Results.
    • Guide Clients Through Your Expert System.
    • Build Trust, Courage and Real Connection.

Three Powerful Ways to Enhance Your Coaching Effectiveness

1) Answer the "Holy Shift" Question

Here's one example of a powerful question, and it's only four words. In any given situation that might be exasperating you, when you are frustrated, you're not getting to where you want to get to, when you're perplexed by some complicated situation that is setting your hair on fire, ask yourself: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Ask your coachee and ask YOURSELF. The answer could change your career completely, and in some cases, just in time.

2) Measure Your EQ

On a scale of 1-10, how does your EQ rank? Good coaches are "emotionally intelligent." Emotional intelligence (EQ) relates to your ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of people with whom you interact. While your knowledge and expertise to do your job effectively are vital to your success at work, your emotional intelligence can also affect your success. If your EQ is low, odds are you won’t have meaningful connections with coachees. However, if your EQ is too high, you may have difficulty removing your coaching hat at the end of the day and may want to consider how to devise and maintain emotionally healthy boundaries.

3) Embrace Your Imperfections

How do you handle personal mistakes? Denying your shortcomings impacts your coaching abilities. Owning up to your weaknesses and leading from a place of connection instead of fear (of being found out as being imperfect) will make you a more relatable and compelling coach. Regardless of station, people can often sense when others are putting up a façade, plus that wall you build around yourself to hide your flaws also does a pretty good job of keeping your coachees out. Besides, mistakes don't have to be personal failures, as the perfectionist believes "they can be mile-markers on the winding road of progress."

There are 51 cards in each Q Card deck which ship in a 2.5" x 3.5" box

  • Use the 3 Starter Q's to begin the session
  • There are 6 each of the Goal, Discover, Evaluate, Decide and Action Q's to help a coachee work through a challenge or capitalize on an opportunity
  • When a coachee gets stuck while responding to a question, use one of the Thought-Shift, Challenge or Prompt Q's to get them moving toward an action.

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Q Cards

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