Games for Learners

Goodbye lectures. Hello accelerated, brain-based learning, where the goal is to create an active, participatory learning experience. Customize interactive educational games to your content and make learning more memorable and effective. It's true that training games are most effective when they’re closely tied to your content. That’s why Trainers Warehouse’s game supplies can all be tailored to the unique needs of your classroom, your learners, and your teaching style. 


Teachers and trainers continue to jump on the gamification bandwagon, making learning more fun and effective. Whether you’re looking for game buzzers, conversation starters, response boards, or teambuilding games, Trainers Warehouse has you covered. Adapt each tool to your groups’ unique needs and your content. All of the tools we curate and sell on our website seek to help you build participation and engagement. We want you to be the teacher they remember!


Mike (a.k.a. dad) was 56 years old when he started Trainers Warehouse in his basement. He was tired of his headhunting job and looking for a new challenge. He had an idea for a cool product that would make office cubicles more friendly and tidy – picture frames with VELCRO brand fasteners that would adhere to fabric walls. One day he got two of his largest-ever orders. When he found that both customers planned to use the frames for training course completion certificates, he set out to find more products for trainers. That’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years now—finding products that trainers will love; products that make their job easier and more fun; products that make them look like stars without busting their budget. Dad passed in 2010, but I know he’d be proud to see us carrying on his vision! Read more...