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Games for Learners

EXPLORE THE "INCREASE PARTICIPATION" INFOGRAPHIC! Goodbye lectures. Hello accelerated, brain-based learning, where the goal is to create an active, participatory learning experience.


  • Quick Response Whiteboard, Blue Handle Man using Quick Response Whiteboard

    Quick Response Whiteboard, Blue Handles

    See who's learning what… and who's not getting it with Quick Response Whiteboards! Encourage participation by having participants write an answer on their Quick Response Whiteboard. They are a huge hit with students and educators, as EVERY...


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  • MarkERASER w/ Velcro® Strip Multiple MarkERASERs w/ Velcro® Strip

    Dry Erase Marker w/ Velcro® strip

    Markers with built-in erasers! Distribute one of these inexpensive dry-erase whiteboard markers to everyone. Keep them attached to your whiteboard with VELCRO® brand loops -- which double as a whiteboard eraser!


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  • Diversity Thumball Diversity Thumball

    Diversity Thumball

    Look under your thumb and share! Diversity Thumball is a playful tool for serious discussions. We live in a diverse world. Some differences are visible, like skin color, gender, height or weight, physical challenges and age. Others may not be visually...


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  • Large Mesh Bag; lime green Large Mesh Bag; 6 assorted colors

    Large Mesh Bag

    Stay organized with the help of this convenient mesh bag. The 21" X 16" multipurpose mesh fabric bag comes in assorted fun colors and is super lightweight. It's large enough to carry all the big stuff and because it's see-through, you won't lose track of...


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  • Getting to Know You Thumball Player looking under thumb at Getting to Know You Thumball

    Getting to Know You Thumball

    Look under your thumb and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies beneath it. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications! The Getting to Know You Thumball is perfect for work, school, and home settings. Getting to Know You Thumball...


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  • Create-Your-Own Thumball with Permanent Marker Create-Your-Own Thumball, being caught by professional woman

    Create-your-own Thumball 6" w/ marker

    Toss it. Catch it. Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Get people of all ages learning, talking & sharing!For conversation starters, icebreakers, energizers, teambuilding, lesson reinforcement and more! Use this...


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  • Answer Buzzers; set of 4 colors/sounds

    Answer Buzzers (set of 4) - 4 different FUN sounds

    Buzzers turn any lesson into a game! Get students actively engaged as you find out what they know. This set of 4 buzzers gives you a variety of fun sounds and color. One gives a horn honk, the second has a boxing ring bell, the third rings like a...


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  • Be a Leader Thumball Be a Leader Thumball

    Be A Leader Thumball

    Look under your thumb and share! The Be a Leader Thumball gets the conversation going about what skills great leaders possess, and guides players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own leadership strengths or opportunities for...


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  • The No! Button The No! Button; with SORRY, YES, and MAYBE buttons

    The No! Button

    The No! button is a handy button that says "NO." A stress-reliver A voting tool A way to voice your opinion Hit the big red NO button and let it shout out 1 of 10 different No's that not only gets the point across, but usually reduces everyone to...


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  • Bundle o' Koosh Koosh Ball; multi color

    Bundle o' Koosh (set of 10)

    Signal that "play" is an essential part of "learn" A Bundle of Koosh in your training indicates that play is welcome AND essential to productive learning. Trainers love to use Koosh for icebreakers and reinforcement games. Koosh have about as many uses...


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