Dr. Clue Build-A-Treasure-Hunt

Stage your own team-building treasure hunt with 7 ready-made challenges!

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Not every hunt needs to be facilitated. If you have the time, a Build-A-Treasure-Hunt kit is a great way to transform nearly any location into an interactive clue-solving adventure, at a great low price.

Unlike many other teambuilding programs which tend to employ physically taxing athletic competitions or non-structured social/recreational outings, a Dr. Clue experiential treasure hunt can simulate your business environment. The ingenious and challenging clues and puzzles require participants to analyze and manipulate data in much the same way you do in our information-age business life.

Planning, problem-solving, and strategizing are all crucial to your team's success. At the same time, you'll look at internal, personal dynamics, and explore these questions:

  • What are the personality and communication styles represented in each team?
  • How can people best tap into the strengths each team member brings to the team, while seeking to understand and minimize the weaknesses?
  • How can teams serve as a generator of innovation?

The Dr. Clue Treasure Hunt can help organizations discuss the issues most teambuilding companies won't touch: Why aren't we getting along? Why can't we generate any change? How come we have so much talent, so many resources, and yet nothing ever seems to get done?

Use these puzzles to explore:

  • Process Innovation
  • Internal Motivation
  • Personal Style Differences
  • Communication Tools
  • Role Division
  • Ground Rule Setting
  • Cross-Team Collaboration

Dr. Clue Build-A-Treasure-Hunt provides you with 7 crafty, puzzle-based clues, along with answers, rule sheets and a full coordinator's guide. Unlike a facilitated hunt with a pricey consultant, the clues in your Build-A-Treasure-Hunt kit do not yet lead to specific locations…although they will eventually . Rather, our clues solve to passwords, which you will match up with actual locations in your own chosen site. Yes, you'll need to do some actual site scouting. But at least the puzzles will already be written for you!


  • Small groups work together to solve tricky puzzles and codes
  • 7 full-color puzzles -- use just a few, or all 7
  • Exercise can take from ~90-120 minutes
  • Coordinator's Guide, Answers, and Rule Sheets
  • Paperless: you download the whole kit instantly upon checkout (21-page PDF document)


  • Getting to know your teammates on a more personal level.
  • Discovery of your teammates' hidden skills and talents.
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Exploration of the hidden treasures in your desired location
  • Fun, informal networking

Dr. Clue Build-A-Treasure-Hunt

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