Cog-nitive Fiddle

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Soothe anxiety and relieve stress with this Cog-nitive Fidget Toy!  Our sensory and cognitive pathways are a great place to practice mental rotation skills.  The two purple interlocking metal gears are ready to spin on their axis' with little effort on a flat surface as you move one cog to rotate the other. You can also hold one by its axis between your thumb and finger and spin for fun.

Trainers Warehouse focuses on fidget toys that don't require attention or thought, so learning and meeting participants can focus on the matter at hand. While the Cognitive Fidget may tempt you to peak at the gears working in unison, it's also an apt message about the need for teams to work together. While this might not be our first choice for learners who are easily distracted, it's a perfect as an executive meeting tool.


Re-cognize that your Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

Be cog-nizant that some learners will need to "gear" up for learning.


  • Size - each purple cog measures approximately 2.75" in diameter
  • Smooth -  The metal interlocking gears are super smooth and well-balanced.
  • Individual or as a Set - spin them individually, or see how the work together as a set 
  • Quiet- The Cog-nitive Fiddle is a quiet finger fidget
  • Material - these heavy metal, interlocking spinning gears, feel substantial in your hands


Trainers Warehouse offers one-stop shopping for a huge range of fidget toys, plus 100s of tools to build teams, reinforce learning, and make training more memorable. Create an ideal learning environment with resources from the woman-owned, family-owned, Trainers Warehouse. 


Cog-nitive Fiddle

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