Chunnel Fidget Toy

Swivel the beads through the Chunnel

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Effortlessly swivel the ball bearings through the Chunnel Fidget's narrow alleys. Twist and turn Chunnel's two rotating halves. Make the balls orbit around three separate channels, or along a single diagonal channel.

The bead orbit fidget is truly a one-of-a-kind fiddle toy-- as you idly move the 3 balls from channel to channel (or chunnel to chunnel), they'll never fall out of place! 


  • Colorful - the Chunnel Fidget Toy has a two-color design for interest and intrigue
  • Two Hemispheres - with one or two hands rotate the hemispheres to create different channel configurations
  • Smooth - the smooth texture provides a soothing feel for even the roughest of hands
  • Gentle sounds - as the bead orbits through the channels, or clank into each other, they will make a noise. [If you're looking for completely silent fidget toys, this may not be your perfect choice.]
  • Simple distraction - for those times when a little distraction can help relieve stress, challenge users to get all 3 ball bearings in one chunnel or 1 ball into each of the 3 chunnels.


If you worry that fidget toys may cause more harm than good, you're not alone! Still, many workshop facilitators and meeting attendees swear by fidget toys, saying that they've made their workshop the "best meeting ever!" Office fidget toys have been found to create a more playful and relaxed environment, thereby reducing stress. They can also occupy "floating attention" -- the wandering attention that likely kept us alive in prehistoric times. Even if the bead orbit functionality calls on users to shift some of their focus to the rotating balls, it's not so challenging that they'll get so lost in thought that they lose the thread of conversations.

Learners who have ADD/ADHD, folks who are naturally fidgety, and kinesthetic learners often find that fidget toys allow them to remain focused for longer periods of time and absorb new material more quickly! Find the best fidget toys at the Trainers Warehouse "fidget warehouse."