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Toys & Fidgets

EXPLORE THE "FANTASTIC FIDGETS" INFOGRAPHIC    Creativity and learning soar when we remove stress and create an environment that’s playful, energetic, and inspiring. Stress balls, fidget toys and doodling are known to improve mental focus because they occupy users' floating attention without competing for the thinking part of the brain. 

Wondering how to clean your Fidget Toys? In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and our efforts to stop touching our face, we ran a sterilization test and sanitized all our fidget toys. See our blog post for the results.

  • Yellow foam Lightbulb Stress Reliever, upright

    Foam Lightbulb

    Squeeze this to get the bright ideas flowing! Foam lightbulb makes a great squeeze toy. Or reward particpants for great ideas! Foam, 4" long Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes!


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  • IsoFlex Stress Ball; marbled color

    IsoFlex Stress Ball

    The IsoFlex is double lined with natural latex for extra durability. The unique filling feels sort of like wet sand, offering plenty of resistance. This colorful stress ball provides a nice massage for hands, and can help build strength!2.5" diameter,...


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  • Kudos Balls

    Kudos Balls (set of 10)

    With a set of 10 Kudos stress balls, you can reward your learners' achievements and performance by giving them something to handle and squeeze. It helps them to concentrate on what they're learning, relieves stress, and reminds them that they're doing a...


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  • Gyrobi; assorted colors lying flat and opened up


    Gyrobi™ -- The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates!We know that when our "floating attention” is dedicated to a mindless task, the rest of our attention can focus better on meetings, training sessions or phone calls. Good fidget toys...


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  • Stretch and Bounce Fiddle

    Stretch and Bounce Fiddle

    When you squeeze these stretch balls, they take on whatever form you create. Wonderfully tactile, great squeezie feel -- and they bounce!This fiddle is a great stress reliever and the perfect fidget toy for distractible minds. Comes in 4 colors, packed...


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  • SwingOs; blue/green


    Use fidget toys in your classroom -- or your office -- to improve focus, reduce stress, and create a playful environment! SwingOs is a Trainers Warehouse exclusive "fiddle." It's quiet and tactilely interesting. Bright colors, quiet action and mindless...


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  • Bundle o' Koosh

    Bundle o' Koosh (set of 10)

    Signal that "play" is an essential part of "learn" A Bundle of Koosh in your training indicates that play is welcome AND essential to productive learning. Trainers love to use Koosh for icebreakers and reinforcement games. Koosh have about as many uses...


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  • Silent Yin Yang Health Balls

    Yin Yang Health Balls - Silent (set of 2)

    Need to relax and find your inner Zen? The Yin Yang Health Balls, also known as Baoding Balls or Chinese Medicine Balls, promise to calm your mind and improve fine motor skills, without drawing your concentration away from the task at hand. Although...


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  • Wacky Tracks; blue and green

    Wacky Tracks (48 links)

    Bend, form and click this articulated plastic chain into all kinds of creative shapes, letters, or just use it to fidget! Makes a soft but satisfying "click" sound when manipulated. A great sturdy fidget. Each Wacky Track has 48 links, each link is ...


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  • Flexi Loop Sphere Fiddle

    Flexi Loop Sphere Fiddle

    This wire fidget toy is connected at the joints with small beads. It transforms into many shapes--a flower, vase or tower. Flex the sides outward for a nice round, convex shape, or move them inward for a concave creation. This one is simple but...


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