Bundle o' Koosh (set of 10)

Signal that 'play' is an essential part of 'learn'

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Signal that "play" is an essential part of "learn."  A Bundle of "Koosh" in your training indicates that play is welcome AND essential to productive learning. Trainers love to use Koosh for icebreakers and reinforcement games. Koosh have about as many uses as they have rubbery strands!


  • Ensure that one person speaks at the time (the one holding the Koosh)
  • Learn about colleagues by tossing the Koosh sharing a little known fact
  • Fiddle with it for better listening

An assortment 10 Koosh balls (each 3 inches). Colors may vary.

NOTE: KOOSH is no longer a registered trademark and is no longer made by a single manufacturer. Trainers Warehouse has located a new manufacturer that we feel makes a high quality product, most similar to the Original Koosh Balls. You will not find a Koosh-branded label on the product you receive.

Wondering how to use balls in training? Just check out this page of Facilitation Notes on Using Balls in Training

Trainers Warehouse offers quality products for fidgeting and equips teachers and trainers with a range of tools to improve, learning and retention.


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    koosh ball

    Not many color selections Please know that we guarantee satisfaction and accept returns. We do ship what is available and often do not have many color variations. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    Great for tossing and fiddling

    I use Koosh balls in a large group activity that includes a lot of tossing and catching. Also use them as a sort of "talking stick" in review sessions. (Whoever is holding the ball has to try to answer a review question, but if they don't know the answer they can toss to another person with hand raised to offer an answer.)

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    Good value for good fiddlers

    Fiddlers work to relieve stress and thus enhance retention of classroom material.

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    Yes I would buy this again


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    I will buy these again, no question about it!

    I have used Koosh in ice breakers, games, energizers and simply as haptic tools on the tables. This was a particularly great purchase because I was able to identify the colors I wanted, which is frequently not possible. I was given terrific customer service and really appreciate that!

Bundle o' Koosh (set of 10)

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