Situations, Scenarios & Simulations, v.2 Software

Role plays perfectly suited to your content!

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Learning activities perfectly suited to your content!

The closer learning is to real work situations, the better the learning transfers to the real world.

Real-world relevance is why LearningSim's 5-Step Simulations strike the perfect balance of complexity, engagement, power, and ease of use.

Pick up one of these mini-simulations or role-play scenarios. Use them "as is"; or tweak them to your content and training needs. This robust collection contains 35 files and templates with more than 50 scenarios on topics such as decision making, ethics, customer service, giving feedback, negotiation, sales skills, leadership, safety, presentation skills, and more. Plus you'll find instructions and templates on the essential steps to prepare, present, facilitate, and debrief the experiences for maximum learning.

Durations: 30-120 mins. Downloadable file includes 300+ pgs. of reproducible content. MS Word files. Single User license.

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What You Get

  • 28 Ready-to-use training simulations in 16 topics, each with facilitator, learner, and partner material
  • Editable Microsoft Word files filled with simulation content
  • Sample simulation template in Articulate Storyline (.story) file format
  • Trainer and designer guides and templates with helpful suggestions on how to blend 5-Step Simulations into existing courses and training programs
  • All included in a singlecost-effective license that fits your needs

New in Version 2!

  • Articulate Storyline simulation example (with .story file)
  • 6 new simulations, now including safety topics
  • Templates for writing your own 5-Step Simulations
  • The 1-page "Sneaky Training Technique" template

Note: Please call us for information on a professional "certified user" license for people who consult and/or sell training to other organizations.


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Situations, Scenarios & Simulations, v.2 Software

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