Lime Green Neon Table Tents, Set of 5

Brighten the room with Green neon table tents!

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Energize the learning environment with colorful Neon Table Tents. Invite participants to share their personality, not just their name!

Reusable Tent Card Sets are so popular, we've created one for our snazzy, bright, NEON-colored tent cards, too! The name tents (a.k.a. table tents) are perfect for individual names, table signage or work stations.

Black dry-erase markers look striking on the fluorescent reusable name tents.


  • Save time -- no need to prep and print formal name cards
  • Re-use tents -- wipe them down with a felt eraser, paper towel, cloth, or even the back of your hand
  • Write on nicknames -- allow participants to be called by their favorite name or nickname
  • See names from the front and back of the room -- enable trainers to see names from both sides, so they can easily "work" the room
  • Easy stacking and storage -- keep learning rooms tidy by easily stacking and storing the tents
  • Ample space for writing -- participants can use large print to make their name easily legible to others in the room. Alternatively, use the tents for icebreakers or learning reinforcement activities. Have the group draw or jot a favorite hobby, quote, interest, or answer on the other side. 


  • 5 Reusable NEON-colored Name Tents (4" H x 11" L x 3"D )

Save yourself from pre-printing formal name cards, and let participants write their preferred name or nickname on these erasable, reusable name cards. It will increase their comfort and save you money and time in the long run.

These high-quality, two-sided 4" H x 11" L x 3"D molded plastic "whiteboard" tents let you see names from the front or the back of the room. Molded construction makes stacking and storage easier than ever. Use them again and again with any dry-erase markers. They clean up instantly and completely!

** TIPS ** 

Reusable Name Tents don't just save you from printing and folding paper cards, they allow users to write in nick names, answer questions, or even share a favorite quote. They're great for:

  • Executive session name plates – save meeting participants the embarrassment of forgetting a name.  Encourage them to write their nickname on the name tent.
  • Icebreaker activities – Instead of just a name or nickname, ask meeting or training participants to draw an icon that represents something important to them. Or, have them share a favorite quote. Even ask them to write down a goal for the day.
  • Table signage – No time print out signage? Write something out on a write-on / wipe-off table sign.

Lime Green Neon Table Tents, Set of 5

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