Wizard Wall 28 System White

Turn any indoor surface into an INSTANT WHITEBOARD - no tape, pins or adhesives needed.

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Instant. Collaboration. Everywhere.

Turn any indoor surface into an INSTANT EASEL or use as a REPOSITIONABLE WHITEBOARD -- no tape, pins or adhesives needed. Its imbedded static charge clings on either side.

Wizard Wall WHITE film clings to any indoor surface.

It has hundreds of uses and is ideal for collaboration, planning and instruction. Cover an entire conference room wall for a brainstorming session, roll the pieces up at the end of the session and take them back to the office!

The Wizard Wall Standard Box of White Cling Film is a self contained system that includes:
*Roll of WHITE Static Cling Film, 27.5 inch wide x 25 feet long
*Wizard Wall Slide Cutting System

Watch video demo below!

Please note: Although this video shows other Wizard Wall products and configurations, Trainers Warehouse offers two other options for purchasing, in addition to the Standard Box of White Cling Film: The Large Kit of White Cling film (#EAWIZ), and the Standard Box of Clear Cling Film (#EAWIZC).


Removable, repositionable, erasable AND can be used on BOTH sides. The 2 mil film is guaranteed not to leave a sticky residue or pull off paint or plaster when removed. It's environmentally friendly, recyclable as a number 5 plastic, and non-toxic.

How long will Wizard Wall last? Wizard Wall can be removed and repositioned from one wall to another several times and typically lasts four to six months, sometimes longer depending on where you hang it. The smoother the surface, the longer it will cling.

Can I use any type of cleaning spray to clean Wizard Wall film? No, the best way to erase what you've written is to use a dry erase eraser or other liquid dry erase board cleaners. Limit the amount of liquid cleaner you use, as moisture will reduce the static charge on the Wizard Wall film.

What type of marker should I use to write on my Wizard Wall? Both permanent marker and dry erase marker are ideal for writing on Wizard Wall. If you plan on rolling up and saving your work use permanent markers to keep from smudging.

Refills available.