Leadout: An Experience in Leadership

Develop leadership skill with a stimulating, time-tested simulation

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Develop leadership skills with this amazing simulation that challenges teams to identify the ideal location for a vineyard, based on the soil, slope, drainage and rainfall. Success requires effective communication, planning, and leadership! Includes maps, meeting memos, financial report note pads, and more. For large or small groups. ~ 2-3 hrs.

Your manager was unexpectedly transferred to another department. Your new leader doesn't provide the same type of direction. And now, some of your teammates are trying to undermine his efforts. Does this sound like a typical day at work? Hopefully not!

Welcome to Leadout: An Experience in Leadership®, an intense and exciting simulation that uses a real-life business scenario to drive home the importance of core leadership and team behaviors.

Leadout is perfect for for organizations and institutions of every size, groups large and small. Rooted in the theories developed by top management experts, the challenge is for teams to make quality decisions while confronting typical organizational issues. Never before has there been a more positive way to instill best practices in planning, decision making, communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationships.

Leadout is a top leadership training simulation that professionals in 55 countries use to develop leadership knowledge and skill. Using a real-life business scenario, Leadout offers trainers a stimulating, time tested, exceptional activity for developing leadership. Through the power of experiential learning participants gain direct insight into high performance teamwork, try new leadership behaviors, and explore the impact formal and informal leadership has on a team's performance.


  • Leadout is a comprehensive training program or can be integrated into a multiple day leadership development program.
  • The Leadout Trainer's Guide® gives facilitators clear and concise instructions to ensure successful delivery of this powerful, fun, fast leadership program.
  • Leadout can be conducted with a minimum of 2 groups of 4, or up to 200+ participants. The materials included in the Leadout kit will train 2 separate sessions of up to 32 participants. With the purchase of additional reusable supplies an unlimited number of learners can be trained.



Product Type: Simulation

Audience: Each Leadout game kit trains up to four teams of 4-9 players at one time

Objective: To surface team and leader dynamics

TIME: 2-3 hours


  • Leadout Trainer's Guide® includes clear, minute-by-minute instructions, coaching points and text
  • 4 Land Boards with Tabs, reusable (boards are approx. 15” x 12”)
  • 1 Tab Replacement package (allows you to reuse 4 land boards
  • 1 Map set for each Land Board, reusable
  • 1 Trainer's Cue Card (precise summary of Trainer's Guide)
  • 1 Memo Meeting Notices pad
  • 1 Financial Report pad
  • 1 Planning Suggestions pad

Leadout game is owned by and created by Charles Hosford & Associates.

Leadout: An Experience in Leadership

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