Whether you’re working at an office or at home, adjustable workstations should be set up to maximize your focus and productivity—so you can get your work done efficiently… and get back to your “on my own time” passions. More important than fancy tape dispensers and cool pens, invest in an ergonomic computer desk that will help increase your comfort and avoid injury. Choose desktop accessories that will reduce your stress, like adult-friendly, professional-grade fidget toys or desk signs that let family and co-workers know at glance whether or not you can be interrupted.

  • 11x17 DocU-Sleeve -- in use on table

    DocU-Sleeves, 11 x 17 Poster Sleeve


  • Desktop Fiddle Set; in box

    Desktop Fiddle Set (set of 8 fidget toys)


  • DeskMate, front and one inside sign

    DeskMate Original


  • Deskmate Plus

    Deskmate Plus


  • Tabletop Whiteboard, PORTRAIT orientation, w/marker

    Tabletop Whiteboard, PORTRAIT orientation, w/marker


  • Think Board Kit, Large 48" x 24"

    Think Board Kit, Large 48" x 24"


  • Elliptical Trainer by In Motion; in use at work

    Elliptical Trainer by In Motion


  • Deskmate Student Edition-Thumbnail

    Deskmate School Edition


    $14.95 $8.97
  • CHANGEdesk,  woman raising desk

    CHANGEdesk, adjustable standing desk




Work and corporate training take many forms these days. Maybe you’re at home; maybe you’re in the office a few days a week. You might participate in an off-site learning experience or team development training, or perhaps you’ll attend either an online self-directed learning course or live online experience. No matter what shape your work or training takes, comfortable office workstations are key to your growth, development, and effective performance. Of course, an ergonomic computer desk that moves up and down is a treat, but it’s not the only way to create a physically-friendly work environment. A couple of our favorite tips are nearly free:

  1. Keep a bunch of stress toys at your desk to activate the muscles in your hands
  2. Take a walk around the office to give a colleague a bit of positive feedback or kudos
  3. Walk over to a colleague and remind them to stand up and stretch


Your office workstation may be your home base at work and we want that to be a productive space for you. At the same time, we realize that your hours in the office often include group meetings, gathering with teammates, learning from colleagues, and interacting with a bunch of other folks. Maximizing learning is where Trainers Warehouse hits its sweet spot. We offer hundreds of tools to facilitate corporate growth and development, including learning games, discussion-starter games, icebreakers, team building experiences, meeting debrief tools, and tons more! Can’t find what you need? Give us a ring at 800-299-3770.