Kudos Notes Assorted Set of 5 Styles

Never miss a chance to say "Thanks" or "Good Job!"

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Create good vibes! Don't wait for momentous events to give positive feedback. Get peace of mind -- you'll never miss a chance to say Thanks! Good Job! whenever the occasion arises.

Set up your own Appreciation Station, so that managers, team leaders, trainers and teachers can easily dash off a note of recognition and appreciation.


Buy an assortment of all 5 styles -- you'll get 8 pads of 10 notes for each style. 

  • Kudos for Work (Orange) Use these clever notes liberally to boost learners' and colleagues' spirits, recognize large or small contributions, and inspire continued effort.
  • Kudos for Colleagues (Blue)   When groups are learning and growing together, they have a keen appreciation for where each team member started, and what they've accomplished. These pads give team members a tool to recognize one another's contributions to the group.
  • KUDOS for Growth and Learning (Green) Support a "Growth Mindset" by giving KUDOS when people take a risk, stick with a problem, make great contributions, show improvement, take the time to do things right, and more. KUDOS Green notes are perfect for long-term projects, processes, and learning. They'll help you recognize the effort your group is making and encourage recipients to keep up their good work.
  • Kudos for Values (Red) Let your teammates or employees know when they are exemplifying your organizational values and mission. Use these clever notes liberally to "Walk the Talk" with employees and colleagues. Recognition for matching or exceeding corporate values and goals will lift their spirits and inspire continued effort.
  • Kudos for Teams (Gold) Lets teammates share positive thoughts with one another. If you're not on location, at the same time, leave a friendly handwritten note. 

Kudos Note Pads -- Set of 40 Pads (25 sheets/pad; Each pad is approx. 4" x 5.5".)