Marble Maze Game

Build teams able to create new systems and processes

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Teamwork, communication and patience are required for 6 people to lead a marble through this heavyweight, durable maze, without letting the marble fall into a trap. The 3 maze inserts differ in shape and difficulty; and the two varying-sized marbles keep the challenge exciting for any age group!

Marble Maze, like other group initiative tasks, is designed to offer “real” or “perceived” mental, physical, social and emotional challenges that are fun and rewarding. Within a trusting and supportive environment, these challenges are often successfully met through team problem solving.


1 base, 3 maze inserts, 6 handles with ropes, 3 small and 3 large marbles, 5 pegs and guide.

Marble Maze – Activity Guide:
The Marble Maze activity guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and perform the task. Sample processing questions and variations on the activity are also included. Team building activities designed for up to 6 participants. Activities help build problem solving, teamwork, patience, communication, perseverance and cooperation skills.