DaBridge - A DaVinci Bridge Team Challenge

Build Bridges and Collaborative Spirit

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DaBridge brings Leonardo DaVinci's simple but ingenious bridge idea to life. It is made with beatiful and sturdy notched wooden stick and dowel pieces. The ingenuity of the bridge is that it doesn’t need nails or fasteners to hold it together.  If built to Leonardo’s design, it gets stronger the more weight is added.


The DaVinci Bridge Kit includes legs and dowels to create a 6.5-foot long structure -- plenty long enough for several adults to collaborate in the building process!

  • 16 square wooden legs - 24" long x 1" square
  • 8 wooden dowels - 24" long x 3/4" diameter
  • Convenient carry bag


Robust facilitation notes provide plenty of options to make the classic DaVinci's Bridge a successful team building experience for all sorts of teams. In the basic game, a "designer" is equipped with a picture of the finished product, but isn't allowed to show the picture to the builders. Designers can only communicate building tips verbally. With limited team meetings, how well will your groups work together to get it built? Adapt the team building game to the needs of your group by adding in new challenges -- an earthquake hits; time pressure is added; intergroup colloboration is required.

  • Complete notes for Architects/Builders Game
  • 4 additional game variations
  • Debriefing and review questions


NOTE:  When completed, DaBridge measures 6.5' Long by 2' Wide and 2' High, so make sure your team has ample space to build 

Hand-made in the USA.

DaBridge - A DaVinci Bridge Team Challenge

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