TEAM Essentials - Team Profile Assessment

See how well your team works together

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Analyzing and Improving Team Performance Just Got Easier-and More Affordable!

Quickly find out how your teams are performing with the Team Essentials Survey. It’s simple, affordable, and easily accessible. The assessment draws on the deep knowledge of Corporate Learning Institute’s Dr. Tim Buividas, and has been proven to be reliable and valid (see report).


  • Snapshot views: see how your team performs in 6 success factors.
  • Easy administration of assessment: Create an account and start launching your assessment right away. The Corporate Learning Institute is available to for support, as needed.
  • Ready-to-Share Results: Clear, concise score are easy to read, and sharable instantly with others.
  • Customizable:  Customize your team assessment to include all 6 Team Essentials Success Factors, or just the few you want to focus on.
  • Short Completion Time: It takes 10-25 mins to take the online assessment. Your exact time depends on the number of success factors you evaluate. Each trait has 3-6 subcategories and 4 questions.


Understand your strengths and weaknesses, AS A TEAM. Assess your team on 1 to 7 traits:

  1. Support
  2. Output
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Leadership
  5. Individual Contributions
  6. Infrastructure


  • Color-coded, easy-to-read report: Includes a comprehensive 57-page Team Essentials Team Report. Each report is customized to the unique needs of your team.
  • See where your team stands on each trait:
    • Blue – indicates your team’s overall score
    • Purple – shows norms of well-performing teams
    • Red – displays your opportunities for improvement
  • Develop Unity – You’ll quickly see if there are areas where everyone ranks low or high, indicating group needs for growth or development
  • Honor Diversity – understand where your team diverges in their approach or thinking. These indicate opportunities to discuss and bridge differences.
  • Define Next Steps – develop an action plan to incorporate learning and continue to grow


  • Facilitation Guide will help you conduct the assessment:
    • Administer test
    • Review results
    • Online tool to manage the team assessment
  • Send pre- and post- emails, reminders, and results to team members
  • Link to Assessments
  • 57-page Team Assessment Report – after all team members have completed the assessment, youll receive a comprehensive, actionable report
  • 1 hour Coaching/consulting support – call Corporate Learning Institute for 1 hour of support to help you get started or answer questions as you go.

TEAM Essentials - Team Profile Assessment

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