Awards & Recognition

Providing recognition for employees is the key to keeping morale high and your team motivated to perform their best work. While some kind words can certainly go a long way, showing appreciation in the workplace with tangible awards can be even more fun and effective. Classic items like trophiescertificates, and plaques serve as powerful reminders that your employees are valued and appreciated.

EXPLORE THE "JUST RIGHT RECOGNITION" INFOGRAPHIC:  A meta-analysis of 19 reinforcement theory studies revealed that recognition improves performance by a whopping 15%! And what was the #1 choice for recognition? Sincere praise. It doesn’t take much—a word of kindness, a hand-written note, a token of appreciation, a certificate—the important thing is that we show recognition for employees who go above and beyond! 


Building genuine, meaningful relationships with employees is often easier said than done. Even the most thoughtful team leaders tend to struggle to find ways to acknowledge outstanding work beyond the typical words of thanks and admiration. These awards are perfect for training exercises and team building games. Or simply hand them out anytime you notice an employee’s exceptional effort. Besides helping you build relationships, distributing tokens of appreciation will energize your crew, improve retention, and make them smile!


As you take steps to show recognition for employees, you may also want to think beyond the usual awards. Trainers Warehouse’s Happy at Work and Toys & Fidgets  collections are packed with fun and innovative ways to keep spirits high. Express appreciation in the workplace with easy-to-use solutions. Available now at Trainers Warehouse!