Smile Face Bendables 4 in. H (48 /bag)

These happy bendable figures bring on big smiles.

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These happy bendable figures bring on big smiles.

Each bag includes 12 each of 4 different styles of smile face bendable -- 48 total bendables. Each little guy is 4" tall.

What do you do with these cute little guys? Anything that helps learners remember what they learned!

Give one to each student at the start of training as a fidget toy. They're wonderfully bendable and provide mindless fun for learners who need to do something with their hands while listening or working.


A fun Processing tool! When training is done, give one to each participant. Ask each person to find the perfect mnemonic name for their guy that represents what they want to remember from your training session.

  • PETE: Patience, Energy, Try again, Excellence
  • GIMPO: Goals, Impressions, Money, Productivity, Objectives
  • NIBOT: Never Issue Both Orders Together

Enrich the "sensory diet" of your learners. Our "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

FREE Facilitation Notes on using FIDDLES in the classroom!

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  • 5
    Fun fiddles

    Posted by Karen HR Director on Mar 23rd 2017

    I bought these and some other "fiddles" for an annual company meeting. I also bought pipe cleaners - it was interesting to see how creative people got with the two in combination - adding hair for example. Great way to give people something to keep hands active so their minds could stay focused on the meeting presentations. Comments included "we love the toys", "you always provide great toys". Great value.

  • 4
    Awesome bendables!

    Posted by Math Teacher on Jun 3rd 2015

    These are great to give fidgety hands something to do while trying to listen to a lesson. However, I find that (middle school) students are sometimes apt to use them to "play" and I sometimes have to take them away.

  • 3
    Smile Face Bendables

    Posted by Angela on Mar 12th 2012

    I was just disappointed that you did not have the other products I had ordered. But you called me and explained the situation - so I appreciated that.

  • 4
    So cute!!

    Posted by Trainer Girl on Mar 9th 2012

    Used these in combination with the monster bendables (item # GAGFMA). Great hit with the classes.

  • 4
    Very Satisfied!!

    Posted by Dawn on Sep 7th 2011

    purchased as give-a-ways for morale boosting events -

  • 5
    Great value and fun!

    Posted by None on Sep 2nd 2011

    Fun product and inexpensive.