Fiddle Sets

Floating attention is thought to be an evolutionary trait. In prehistoric times, the ability to focus 100% on a single task was not entirely desirable. No matter where you work, find a set of fidget toys (a.k.a. Fiddles) that’s just right for your group. Offer a variety of fidget sets, to satisfy a range of preferences. Focus on reducing cost, sticking with favorites, keeping it quiet, professional appeal, and more.

  • Trainers Starter Kit

    Trainers Starter Kit


  • Tangle Toy; set of 50 in vinyl bag

    Tangle Toy Set (50/bag)


  • Gyrobi, Boxed set of 24

    Gyrobi (boxed set of 24)


  • Loopeez; 24 in box

    Loopeez (boxed set of 24)


  • Loopeez Jr.; box of 24

    Loopeez Jr (boxed set of 48)




Fidget toys are a great way to keep hands occupied and reduce stress in classrooms or workplaces. After much use, you’ll probably want to clean your fidget toy sets for your next session. How will these fidget toy sets fare? You can throw most plastic items right in the dishwasher and lay them on a soft hand towel to dry. For items that might absorb water, we recommend a quick wipe with a sterilized towelette to remove any grime or germs that may have accumulated on their surface.

Learn more about how to clean your fidget sets, or determine which fidget toy bundles are right for you with our helpful fidget finder matrix.


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