Squawking Chicken

A chicken that has to be heard...

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Why does a trainer or teacher need a rubber chicken?

A. Companionship

B. Stink up a BBQ

C. Practice chewing

D. Because it's funny

Answer: D - just because it's funny.

This squawking chicken is 17" long and made of firm plastic that feels like plucked chicken skin. With slight pressure, it emits a squawk that is NOT for the faint-hearted, but IS guaranteed to get a BIG laugh. It's also a great way to say "WRONG ANSWER" during game time.

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    Everyone needs a rubber chicken and the dog just loves it.

    This thing has a sound that's unforgettable and the dog just loves it, it lasted the longest before it was destroyed about a month vs minutes for most toys.

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    Good prop for retirement home sing-along

    Retirement home residents sing-along with my wife and I. This "chicken" is used as a comic relief and fun outlet.

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    Squawking Rubber Chicken

    Used the Squawking Chicken at prior places I worked @ to highlight achievements. It was a real morale booster. My previous one was a gift, but I left it as it was so popular. I purchased this one in hopes of creating some new magic.

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    Solid Product

    Chicken is loud and attention-getting. Easy to hold in hand, yet large enough for others to see. Nicely painted. Wish there was something in the head to keep it from collapsing, but I guess that would stop the sound. Chicken made from thinner rubber but for my purposes I believe will hold up for a year or two.

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    Great chicken and all white meat!

    Well-made and the "squawking" is a surprise for participants!

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    Could be more durable!

    At the start of my presentation

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    Squawking Chicken

    He starts every session with a squawk and everyone listens!

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    It's a stage prop at my show but I gave out dozens of these for my family and friends who cheered me on from on top of Heartbreak Hill in the Boston Marathon. There are so many people spectating that it is tough to find your supporters but not with rows and rows of rubber chickens!