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Toys & Fidgets

EXPLORE THE "FANTASTIC FIDGETS" INFOGRAPHIC    Creativity and learning soar when we remove stress and create an environment that’s playful, energetic, and inspiring. Stress balls, fidget toys and doodling are known to improve mental focus because they occupy users' floating attention without competing for the thinking part of the brain. 

Wondering how to clean your Fidget Toys? In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and our efforts to stop touching our face, we ran a sterilization test and sanitized all our fidget toys. See our blog post for the results.

  • Gyrobi Squared

    Gyrobi Squared

    Gyrobi -- The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates! We know that when our "floating attention is dedicated to a mindless task, the rest of our attention can focus better on meetings, training sessions or phone calls. Good fidget toys are quiet, look...


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  • Desktop Fiddle Set; in box

    Desktop Fiddle Set (set of 8 fidget toys)

    Fiddles help people relax, stay focused during long meetings, and think creatively. Our Desktop Fiddle Set comes in an elegant, clear box, so that it will look neat and professional on your desktop while they tempt your colleagues and office mates. You...


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  • U Fidget

    U Fidget

    Flip the tiles, fold the tiles, and create an endless variety of shapes with the U Fidget Toy!Keep restless hands busy and help learners focus with U Fidget.21 multi-colored 2" hinged triangles. When folded, U Fidget measures 2" x 2" x 2".Fidget "toys"...


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  • Cheese Wedge Foam Stress Toy

    Cheese Wedge Foam Stress Relief Toy

    The foam Cheese Wedge is a GREAT giveaway to accompany your "Who Moved My Cheese?" change-management training! Also, a funny way to acknowledge "cheesy" comments or jokes.Foam, 3.25" x 1.75"


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  • Twiddle Fiddle; green

    Twiddle Fiddle

    Stimulate your mind through creative play! With Twiddle's 72 ball and socket links, you can twist any which way. Shape 'em, mold 'em, pull 'em apart, click 'em together and create an infinite number of unusual shapes. Twiddle is a shape maker and fidget...


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  • FlexiBlox Long; in hand

    FlexiBlox Fiddle, Long

    FlexiBlox is a colorful addition to our Fiddle collection. Stretch it, fold it, transform it into an endless variety of new 3-D shapes, without losing your learner's attention. This Deluxe version has 18 colorful wooden blocks tied together with a...


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  • Top Dog Squeezie

    Top Dog Squeezie

    Doggone-it! There's no need to stress when you're the top dog. Give this squeeze toy to your top dogs and all the folks to make an effort to lead the pack.  Top Dog Squeezies are great as rewards and fidget toys! Measures 4.75" tall by 2.5" wide.


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  • Moody Face Fiddles; yellow with magenta hair

    Moody Face Fiddle

    Form these pliable faces into expressions that reflect your mood, or just squish and squeeze. Assorted colors, randomly packed. 2"' diam., flour-filled.Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes on using FIDDLES in the classroom!Enrich the "sensory diet"...


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  • Smiley Molecule Ball

    Smiley Molecule Ball

    Give one of these to any employee who needs to interact with customers ... or anybody! We all need reminders to put on our best face and show respect for others at work.It's a wonderful squeeze toy and stress management tool to use when you're on the...


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  • Bean Bag Ball, with multiple colored pentagons stitched together

    Bean Bag Ball 3" diam.

    The mini Bean Bag Balls are incredibly versatile in the classroom. Safe -- Easy to catch -- great for reinforcement games or fidgeting. The benefits of using balls in the classroom are almost as numerous as the ways we can use them elsewhere. Create a...


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  • Eyeball Stress Toy, front and back

    Eyeball Stress Ball

    Use the foam Eyeball Stress Toy to prompt your group to share meaningful observations and insights. Also, relieve stress, play games, and just have fun.  2.5" diam. Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes!


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