Name Tents

Save yourself from pre-printing formal name cards. Rather, let participants write their preferred name on an erasable, reusable name tent. These high-quality, two-sided, molded plastic name tent cards let you see names from the front or back of the room. Easily stack them for convenient and tidy storage. Plus, with dry erase name tents, you can reuse the boards for any and every training session, workshop, or meeting event. 

  • Complete Training Kit

    Complete Training Kit: The Basics


  • Mini Table Signs

    Mini Dry-Erase Table Signs




Name tent cards are truly meeting essentials. Not only do they let you see who’s who, at a glance, but participants can also use them to vote, ask questions, break the ice, request help, check understanding, and more. You can also spruce up your meeting rooms with ample fidget toys, conversation starters, time management tools, and audience response devices. Don’t forget to get closure at the end of your meeting by confirming action items, follow-up, and next steps. Use Trainers Warehouse debrief tools to make it fun!


Trainers Warehouse is now a woman-owned business that is dedicated to finding and making professional-grade teaching aids to enhance work and learning. One of the first was a name tent that Mike initially designed to stand tented during use and flatten for storage. Still drawing from Mike’s ingenuity and legacy, this family-owned business currently boasts hundreds of high-quality, one-of-a-kind resources. Using Trainers Warehouse tools, teachers and facilitators can:
  • Build engagement and participation with collaborative games.
  • Improve memory and retention
  • Make learning more innovative, effective, and fun.
Feel confident when ordering from Trainers Warehouse because every order you place comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy we’re not happy, and we’ll bend over backwards to make things right. Looking for a training tool you can’t find? Just call us!