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Create an ergonomic workstation to increase comfort, avoid injury, and maximize productivity. Don't forget to make your space fun too!

  • 11x17 DocU-Sleeve -- in use on table

    DocU-Sleeves, 11 x 17 Poster Sleeve

    Display a small poster or an important reminder in an 11x17 DocU-Sleeve. These plastic frames are lightweight, flexible, and adhere to any surface. Learn more about backings here. View video DEMO below! ** TIPS ** There are literally hundreds of uses for...


  • Desktop Fiddle Set; in box

    Desktop Fiddle Set (set of 8 fidget toys)

    Fiddles help people relax, stay focused during long meetings, and think creatively. Our Desktop Fiddle Set comes in an elegant, clear box, so that it will look neat and professional on your desktop while they tempt your colleagues and office mates. You...


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  • Tabletop Whiteboard, PORTRAIT orientation, w/marker

    Tabletop Whiteboard, PORTRAIT orientation, w/marker

    Set a whiteboard on each table and let SMALL groups come up with BIG answers. It's great for breakout activities, exercises, games, and more. Tabletop Whiteboard is 2-sided, stands tall on the table when you want to record notes or answers for all to...


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  • goLITE BLU by Philips

    goLITE BLU by Philips

    Increase your energy without coffee! Fight fatigue, improve alertness with light therapy. It's a completely natural, drug-free solution to boost your mood and treat "Seasonal Affective Disorder" (SAD) whenever you're stuck inside for too long. Just shine...


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  • Deskmate Plus

    Deskmate Plus

    24 signs to discourage (or invite) distractions! Deskmate Plus is the newest version of our popular Deskmate series with a slightly larger format and updated graphics and signs. Still compact at 5” x 7”, Deskmate Plus is more than 50% larger...


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  • Evolution Ball Chair Cozy Cover

    Evolution Ball Chair Cozy Cover

    When you would rather keep the exercise feeling of your chair at the gym, use the cozy cover. The cover stretches easily over the chair and the base, making it an attractive addition to the work environment.Black, purple, and zebra stripe. Blue no longer...


  • DeskMate, front and one inside sign

    DeskMate Original

    24 signs to discourage (or invite) distractions!Need time and space to get stuff done? We know how you feel when you're trying your hardest to get stuff done and people keep coming to visit, ask a question, request help, tell you a story, share an...


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  • Kudos Poster, Peel & Stick; unroll and peel off

    Kudos Poster, Peel & Stick, dry-erase, 42" x 26"

    It's NOT a cork board! This is a Write-on Wipe-off Giant Poster! Just Peel & Stick! Everyone performs better when they feel recognized and appreciated. Rather than waiting for momentous events, take time to notice positive effort every day! Stick...


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  • Basketball Mini Hoop

    Basketball Mini Hoop -- over the door

    Play Basketball to Reinforce Learning When you play Learning Basketball as a team activity, every participant can enjoy it! Simply prepare some 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point questions. It's fun, effective, and easy to facilitate. Divide the group into...


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  • CHANGEdesk,  woman raising desk

    CHANGEdesk, adjustable standing desk

    FREE SHIPPING if shipped UPS GROUND shipping within mainland U.S. If you need this product shipped more quickly than standard Ground service, call us during business hours for more information and estimates. Is bad posture giving you a hard time? Switch...


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  • Daily Mood Indicator

    Daily Mood Indicator

    If you're having a lousy day, let your office-mates know before you chew off their heads and make them think it's their fault. And if you're having a good day, spread the positive energy! The Mood indicator has 47 moods to choose from that will help you...


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  • Deskmate Student Edition-Thumbnail

    Deskmate Student Edition

    DeskMate Student says it, so you don't have to! Learning from home is hard enough. We know how your students feel when they're trying hard to focus on school or homework, and people keep bugging them. They're noisy or nosy, or both! They come...


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