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Stress Management

Reducing stress as work isn’t just about stress toys. Stress-reducing workplace activities include identifying and discussing the underlying causes of stress, creating positive environments, and offering ways to alleviate stress. 

  • Chill Pill Stress Toy by Trainers Warehouse

    Chill Pill Stress Relief Squeeze Toy

    Don't let stress get the better of you or your students! The foam Chill Pill Stress Toy is a perfect reminder to relax and take a deep breath. Sometimes just acknowledging stress or talking about its sources helps alleviate the stress. Other times,...


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  • Brain Stress Ball - side view

    Brain Stress Ball

    With the colorful foam Brain Stress Ball, send a range of metaphoric messages. The MULTI-COLORED BRAIN can represent thoughtfulnss, resilience, openness, change, effort, and appreciation for the fact that things aren't always gray, or black and white!...


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  • Mini Rubber Chicken

    Mini Rubber Chicken

    Why does a trainer or teacher need a rubber chicken? A. Companionship B. Stink up a BBQ C. Practice chewing D. Because it's funny Answer: D - just because it's funny. This small, 8" chicken is stretchy, squishy, solid rubber, and guaranteed to get a...


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  • Stress-Free Debriefing Tools, Essentials

    Stress-Free Debriefing Tools, Essentials

    Draw out learning points gleaned from your games and activities. Toss these foam stress balls to class participants and ask them to share accordingly: The "Essentials" Set: an observation (eyeball), a question (question mark), a new idea (light bulb),...


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  • Deluxe Fiddle Set

    Deluxe Fiddle Set (24/stress toys set)

    Deluxe Collection of 24 Fidget Toys! Our fidgets and "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do...


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  • Every 20 Minutes

    Every 20 Minutes Presentation Break Software

    Don't let their brains get weary! Brain researchers tell us that frequent mental breaks improve our ability to remember. Ideal breaks should... Be off-topic Get your right and left brain communicating Help the blood circulate Relax the body Make you...


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  • Tied-Up Guy foam stress toy; front and back

    Tied Up Guy Foam Stress Relief Fidget Toy

    This foam stress toy is a great prompt to address questions about: What will tie you up as you try to apply learning to the real world? What stresses you out? What can you do to get "untied"? Measures 2-1/8" x 4" x 3-3/4"


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  • Transitions for Training

    Transitions for Training

    Use humor to set a positive tone and get your learners on board with your classroom norms and rules. Help your group shift seamlessly between learning segments. You'll find 50 humorous image+text slides and three music videos to set the tone and the...


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  • Smiley-face Balls - 10 balls in assorted colors (teal, purple, light blue, dark blue, green,  black, red, orange, pink, yellow)

    Smiley Balls (set of 10)

    A set of 10 Happy stress balls -- what every classroom needs! Give your learners something to handle and squeeze. It helps them to concentrate on what they're learning, and relieves the stress at the same time. 10 foam stress balls in 10 bright, happy...


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  • Squawking Chicken

    Squawking Chicken

    Why does a trainer or teacher need a rubber chicken? A. Companionship B. Stink up a BBQ C. Practice chewing D. Because it's funny Answer: D - just because it's funny. This squawking chicken is 17" long and made of firm plastic that feels like plucked...


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  • Stress Management Thumball

    Stress Management Thumball

    Look under your thumb and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies beneath it. Thumball is a soft, 6" stuffed ball pre-printed with 12 prompts and LOADS of interesting applications for meetings, training, and employee relations. With the Stress...


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  • Laughable Lyrics for Meetings and Training

    Laughable Lyrics for Meetings

    Listen to song samples below! Create a playful ambience Ease transitions Introduce breaks Warm up the crowd Get laughs and ease learners through challenging transitions between content segments with this brand new CD of 21 original classroom jingles...


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