Smile Tokens and Nice Day Cards Combo (set of 10 each)

A great giveaway for all your customer service reps!

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A great giveaway for all your customer service reps!

Everyone feels better when smiles go 'round. A tense interaction eases up, a customer relaxes, and you feel better about the work you do. Encourage keeping a positive outlook with these unique "business cards" and beautfiful gift tokens.

Each colorful 3.5" x 2" card is printed on one side with this motivational message:

Have a nice day!
If someone makes you happy, put a smile on your face.
If someone passes by, put a smile on their face.
If someone makes you mad, don't put them in their place.
Take a breath, talk it out, and get your smile back in place!

Attached with a glue dot to each card is a beautiful metal token. The token is inscribed with "SMILE, It's Contagious" on one side; the reverse says "PASS IT ALONG." and easily detaches from the card. They make GREAT pass-along gifts from colleague to colleague.

Each token is 1" diameter. Solid medium-weight metal feels great in your hand!

Sold in sets of 10 cards/ tokens.