Slice of Nice Tokens (21/set)

"Slice of Nice" for kudos and recognition

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Show your appreciation with a small wooden Slice of Nice™ token that’s sure to make recipients smile. 

Sure, there are lots of ways to show appreciation -- tokens of appreciation, words of thanks, thank you notes, mugs, gifts, you-name-it -- but a "Slice of Nice™" is perfect. Slice of Nice™ wooden tokens are playful, colorful and hearty, without going overboard.


  • Includes 21 tokens - 3 each of 7 styles
  • Tokens measure 1¼” diameter
  • Chunky 1/8” thick
  • 7 different messages
  • Back side of each token says "Slice of Nice"

Pick the perfect message for your recipient:

  1. You're a Star
  2. Thank You
  3. You Make Us Shine
  4. You're an Essential Piece
  5. You're One of a Kind
  6. You Take the Cake
  7. Orange You Great!

Slice of Nice Tokens (21/set)

Adding to cart… The item has been added