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Breathe new life into the workplace -- at home or the office. With tools to reduce stress, build engagement, and promote happiness, you'll find yourself more productive and effective too!   INTERESTING FACT:  Organizations with high employee engagement had a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings per share. In contrast, companies with poor employee engagement scores had declining operating incomes and an 11% drop in earnings per share.”   ~ Tower Perrin Global Workforce Study in which 90,000 workers in 18 countries were surveyed.

  • UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts

    UNZiP-it! Remote w/ Diversity Prompts

    Energize a Webinar, Remote Learning Session, or Online Meeting with UNZiP-it! Remote. Even if you aren't face to face, make it fun to pick a question and get conversations rolling. Read the poem and pick a question:   Feeling shy about speaking...


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  • 11x17 DocU-Sleeve -- in use on table

    DocU-Sleeves, 11 x 17 Poster Sleeve

    Display a small poster or an important reminder in an 11x17 DocU-Sleeve. These plastic frames are lightweight, flexible, and adhere to any surface. Learn more about backings here. View video DEMO below! ** TIPS ** There are literally hundreds of uses for...


  • Desktop Fiddle Set; in box

    Desktop Fiddle Set (set of 8 fidget toys)

    Fiddles help people relax, stay focused during long meetings, and think creatively. Our Desktop Fiddle Set comes in an elegant, clear box, so that it will look neat and professional on your desktop while they tempt your colleagues and office mates. You...


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  • Tangle Fidget Toy

    Tangle Fidget Toy

    Tangle® is a popular multicolored fidget toy with movable joints that can pull apart. 7" extended, 18 interconnected 1" pieces. Wtih no beginning and no end, Tangle's jointed, pivoting arcs are an art form you can hold in your hands. *Made of ABS...


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  • Klixx  Fiddle Toy

    Klixx Fiddle Toy - 32-links

    Klixx are durable plastic and can be twisted and clicked into an endless variety of shapes! (Soft clicking sounds accompany each twisting action). 32 links, assorted colors (Black/Red, Blue/White, Blue/Green, Purple/Black) and packaged randomly. Colors...


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  • Chill Pill Stress Toy by Trainers Warehouse

    Chill Pill Stress Relief Squeeze Toy

    Don't let stress get the better of you or your students! The foam Chill Pill Stress Toy is a perfect reminder to relax and take a deep breath. Sometimes just acknowledging stress or talking about its sources helps alleviate the stress. Other times,...


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  • Learning Mo-Mints by Trainers Warehouse

    Learning Mo-Mints

    Savor Learning with Learning MoMINTS. Use these mighty mints to punctuate memorable moments. Keep your group alert with Refresh-Mints! Each tin of mints offers a flavorful mix of humor and encouragement. Each tin measures 2.5" x 2".   


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  • Yellow Smiley Face stress ball

    Smile Face Ball

    Smile. That's all. Smile.You'll look good. You'll feel good. Your energy will be contagious.3" foam ball.Click here to view FREE Facilitation Notes!


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  • Atom Ball

    Squid Ball

    It's squishy and squeezable! This rubbery ball features an array of stretchable tentacles. We love these both as figet toys and soft throwables for learning reinforcement games, icebreakers, and more. Assortment of colors, packed randomly. 4" [NOTE 1:...


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  • Brain Stress Ball - side view

    Brain Stress Ball

    With the colorful foam Brain Stress Ball, send a range of metaphoric messages. The MULTI-COLORED BRAIN can represent thoughtfulnss, resilience, openness, change, effort, and appreciation for the fact that things aren't always gray, or black and white!...


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  • Smiley Isoflex Ball

    Smiley Isoflex Ball

    The IsoFlex is double lined with natural latex for extra durability. This cheerful version of the time-tested Isoflex is a nice massage for hands! When you squeeze the ball, it's nice and firm. It sort of has the squish of wet sand. While our "fiddles"...


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