Game Shows

TV-style game shows and quiz buzzers make learning reinforcement, practice, and repetition more fun and effective. Games are known to improve engagement, participation, memory, and recall. Equip facilitators with the game show boards and quiz buzzers they need to keep the experience enjoyable, stress-free, and fair! Play competitive games without worry!

  • LIGHT-UP Prize Wheel with 12- to 24-Slots; customized

    12- to 24-Slot Floor Stand Prize Wheel w/LIGHTS


  • LIGHT-UP 12- to 24-Slot Tabletop Prize Wheel; tabletop

    LIGHT-UP 12- to 24-Slot Tabletop Prize Wheel


  • Trivia Board Pro 5

    Trivia Board Pro 5




Many teachers and trainers love the idea of competitive games until they start playing. Sometimes teams get so involved in the experience that they get upset if the teacher or trainer chooses the wrong group to answer a question. At that point, facilitators become so focused on the stress of determining who buzzed in first that they can’t focus on the lesson and learning. Trainers Warehouse quiz buzzers remove all the anxiety of competitive gameplay by showing who rang in first within a fraction of a second. Sure, smart electronics can be expensive, but they’re reliable and ensure fair play. Be sure to add Trainers Warehouse game show boards and buzzers to your stash of game show equipment.


Don’t save gameplay until the end of a learning day, when you’re looking for reinforcement and memory-boosting activities. While games are wonderful as session-enders, they’re also effective tools to introduce new material or see what students already know. Trainers can have teams create questions for Jeopardy-style games, play games with image-based card decks, or toss around a Thumball. Trainers Warehouse offers 100s of ways to make learning more innovative and memorable. Try something new in your next training session. If it doesn’t work, reach out to the team at Trainers Warehouse. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%. Period.