Bridging The Communication Divide Game

Work across varying and difficult Personality Styles, and get work done

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Take your audience on an exciting learning adventure with Bridging the Communication Divide! Part of the HRDQ Style Series™ product suite, this hands-on experiential game explores the impact personality style has on everyday interactions and then offers a simple communication style model individuals can use to make immediate improvements to their communication skills.

Have you ever wondered why it's so easy to work with some people yet so painful to collaborate with others? Well, it has just about everything to do with personality style. It's the main reason some people can establish immediate rapport, and it can be the root cause conflict too. But now there's a fun and effective solution that will clear the road to effective communication.

Your blueprint for effective communication.

Not your ordinary communication training program, Bridging the Communication Divide is an adventurous role-play game that lifts participants out of their everyday, four-walled environment and immerses them in a powerful combination of learning and practice. There isn't a better tool for exploring—or experiencing—personality style and how it shapes the way people interact. From identifying ‘Who am I?' and learning the ins-and-outs of personality to discovering how to flex your style and building an action plan for improvement, Bridging the Communication Divide is full-distance learning. As a trainer, you will witness an amazing transformation happen between Parts One and Two!

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the four principle communication styles
  • Recognize each style's strengths and trouble spots
  • Learn how communication styles are perceived by others
  • Discover how to flex one's style to better communicate with others


The Bridging the Communication Divide Complete Game Kit is packed with all of the tools you need to plan for and deliver a learning experience that achieves immediate results, from a comprehensive facilitator guide and takeaway participant workbooks to reusable game parts, support materials, a professional Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, and more.

The complete game kit is packed full with everything you need to train up to 4 teams of 4-6 players at one time, including a comprehensive facilitator guide, reusable game parts, facilitator support materials, and an initial supply of 24 participant workbooks.



  • A comprehensive facilitator guide
  • 24 participant workbooks
  • Bridge blueprints
  • Team name cards
  • Role-play cards
  • Visual cue cards
  • Game parts for 4 teams of players
  • Facilitator support materials on USB flash drive
  • Sturdy tote bag

PLAYERS: Individuals at any level, up to 4 teams of 4-6 players at one time

TIME: 3.5 hours

Order one kit per trainer. Each kit includes:

  • Facilitator guide
  • 24 participant workbooks
  • 4 sets of reusable game parts
  • Blueprints
  • Team name cards
  • Role-play cards
  • Visual cues cards
  • Facilitator support materials on USB flash drive
  • Sturdy tote bag

Facilitator Guide Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2 Theoretical Background
  • Section 3: Experiential Learning Methodology
  • Section 4: Facilitating the Game
    • Bridging the Communication Divide—The Game
    • Module 1: Introduction and Who Am I? Activity
    • Module 2: Assigning Teams
    • Module 3: Island Rescue Scenario
    • Module 4: Tutorial Phase
    • Module 5: Construction Phase – First Attempt
    • Module 6: First Debrief
    • Module 7: The Four Communication Styles
    • Module 8: Construction Phase – Second Attempt
    • Module 9: Second Debrief
    • Module 10: Action Planning
    • Module 11: Wrap-Up
  • Section 5: Picture Resources & Instruction
  • Appendix

Additional Features

  • Sample Participant Workbook
  • HRDQ Style Model
  • Four Communication Styles
  • HRDQ Experiential Learning Model