Team Building Games

Creating cohesive teams that know how to cooperate, communicate, and support one another is key to a productive and positive work environment. Fortunately, Trainers Warehouse has an extensive catalog of company team building activities designed to help corporate trainers and managers foster more cohesive teams in a fun and effective manner. Whether you're forming, storming, norming, or performing, you’ll find the team building equipment that's right for your group at Trainers Warehouse!


We have plenty of games and activities for any occasion, which will help new and existing team members have fun while building solid connections along the way. Explore team building tools, like the Helium Stick to foster greater cooperation, the Session Openers Thumball to build rapport, or the Tabletop Whaddya Know? Game to learn about organizational history, workplace rules, or company systems.

Our company team building activities are great for any occasion! Whether you're getting to know each other, improving communication, or tackling team effectiveness, choose the perfect game for your group. For tips, check out our Product-Picker Infographic: CHOOSE THE PERFECT TEAM BUILDING GAME.


What once began as a humble idea to create picture frames in 1990 has exploded into a business, catering to the needs of today’s trainers and educators. Our collection of team building equipment includes over 500 training tools, dozens of team building tools, and more than 100 high-quality Trainers Exclusives, giving you ample opportunity to create a workplace culture of positivity and cooperation. Explore Trainers Warehouse for the perfect team building activities for your company.