Who are You? Mini Thumball (green)

Learn more about one another -- just toss, catch, and share

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With the Who are You? Thumball, (GREEN) the panels are printed with icebreaker phrases designed to tease out individual likes, dislikes, interests, and is best suited to school-age kids.
Each ball is 4" diameter.

To play:  Toss it. Catch it. Look under your thumb and share!

Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. These mini Thumballs are soft 4" stuffed balls with 32 panels of "prompts" and loads of applications!

Prompts on the Who are You? Thumball include:

  • Favorite toy or game
  • Cool musician or song
  • Best snacks
  • Three wishes
  • TV show I'd never watch
  • Great vacation place
  • Favorite breakfast
  • In the summer, I ...
  • Easy subject, hard subject
  • 3 yummy foods
  • A lunch I like
  • Who'd you like to meet?
  • Fun sport to play
  • Awesome amusement ride
  • Happiest memory
  • In the winter, I ....
  • An author I've read
  • 3 gross foods
  • Colors you like
  • Funniest cartoon
  • Something you can draw
  • Great birthday party
  • Describe your family
  • Place you were born?
  • First & middle name. Nickname?
  • Birthday? Age?
  • Cool gift
  • Choose a magical power
  • Best pet to own
  • Animal you'd like to touch