What If? Thumball

What would you do if…? Try this playful conversation starter!

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Look under your thumb and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications!
The What If? Thumball is loaded with discussion prompts that encouarge players to consider a range of different realities. It's a super fun way to make connections and get to know each other better. 

The What If... Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball and has 32 panels pre-printed with fun icebreaker phrases suited for adults and teens. Use it to stimulate conversation, promote team spirit, and boost flagging energy.

What if? Thumball questions:

  1. What if your mortgage was paid off?
  2. What if you could interview anyone in the world?
  3. What if you could have a lifetime supply of any product?
  4. What if you could be any type of teacher?
  5. What if you had a personal assistant?
  6. What if you won $10,000?
  7. What if you could eliminate one chore?
  8. What if you could change your career?
  9. What if you gained 10 extra hours a week?
  10. What if you could attend any university for free?
  11. What if you had any super power?
  12. What if your car was paid off?
  13. What if you could have any car?
  14. What if you could be CEO of any company?
  15. What if you won $1,000?
  16. What if you could move anywhere?
  17. What if you won $100?
  18. What if you could change your health?
  19. What if you could travel back in time?
  20. What if you could be any type of athlete?
  21. What if you could donate $100,000?
  22. What if you won one million dollars?
  23. What if you could travel forward in time?
  24. What if you could be any type of musician?
  25. What if you could be any type of farmer?
  26. What if you could learn any skill instantly?
  27. What if you could be any type of artist?
  28. What if you had any job in government?
  29. What if you could win any competition?
  30. What if you got 2 weeks paid vacation anywhere?


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  • 5

    Posted by Seymour on Jul 12th 2016

    The What if?thumball (like the Icebreaker thumball) is an excellent way to start off a new group of trainees. It offers an immediate way to get aquainted with one another, especially for introverts, that eases the stress of being with a group of strangers. Removing this stress makes it easier to focus on the classroom presentation.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Mark on Dec 4th 2015

    Thought this was done under pro's and con's?

  • 4
    I think we need more of these!

    Posted by Marcy on Jun 12th 2014

    Great ice breaker!